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DaVinci Resolve 17 and older 16 and 15
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  • I uninstalled QuickTime for Windows, then reinstalled it without the player and only the essentials selected. However, I still wonder if opening a malicious file in Resolve might cause issues. In any case, I've been saying they should switch away from QuickTime for a while now. Hopefully this will push them to do so.

  • Most fun thing is that DirectX based playback is much more easy to implement and it is very easy to tune.

    All normal Windows players either have build in decoders or rely on DirectX based ones.

  • Davinci Resolve 12.5 beta now available. It looks very nice, with many requested features.

  • @caveport

    Can you add list of main new features?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I think it's best for users to go to the BMD website as the feature list is huge and cannot be posted here.

  • I think it's best for users to go to the BMD website as the feature list is huge and cannot be posted here.

    Main ones can :-)

  • Wow, this is huge. Very impressed. Does the new single point tracker mean we can now match move objects to tracked points? Like if I wanted to place an image of someone in someone's hand and have it track to their hand movement?

  • the node changes are absolutely MASSIVE!!!
    Now you can exchange ( cmd), duplicate ( alt) and - wait for the best - copy paste nodes to other nodes, to other shots, to your dog's underwear; also pile up and make a handy shed out of them and fucking finally select and MOVE them all at once to create the original node's tree form wet dreams are made of. Also (multiple) selection of nodes it's easier and you don't need to double click, just hover your pointer ( e.g to delete them) when cycling through shots.

    It was auspicious that the error message didn't show after the splash screen and that DR automatically detected and embrace my sys' config =) Speed ramp it is very nicely improved (I believe PR doesn't even have curves for remapping); swiftly and fast meek meek Playback (start-stop) is more accurate and responsive, NR overhaul, HDR, lens' correction and filters I personally don't care so muchy; but I do about the fact that you can cycle through different shots' properties and it keeps memory of where you are, the writing text directly onscreen and that the settings' dialog is updating much faster (e.g. LUT list). A lot of new settings added too (grabs below).

    The Show Full Clip Waveform it's so clever that makes you wanna eat a mango without peeling it, yet it would have been dope if they had also implemented it for the main viewer. Composite mode's additions, insert clip override, new markers are welcome as are the FX (single point) tracker and the UI changes in all pages: fullscreen viewer, adding metadata separator (to the right), expanding the size range of waveforms, keyframes' multi selection, clip swap and ripple cut (as in premiere), direct access' button to audio mute, showing peak and VU meter - in edit page; stacking all rooms to the right so scopes breath better, downsizing and realigning of tools with a better spatial sense - in color page; as revamp of dely-deliver your friendly service yala!

    This is one of the smartest, most needed and better implemented updates I've seen in a long time.
    Negs, laggy EXR, still no manual arrange of bins - erase that, there's a new custom mode for sorting them. Now I'll keep diggin' 4 the gold pebbles +)

    It's a little bit unusual that undos and redos are local to each shot (color page), can see advantages and disadvantages; dress, undress, dress undress, dress undead

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  • (I believe PR doesn't even have curves for remapping)

    It does, but it is very small :)

    I haven't noticed in earlier versions of Resolve that when you select dual monitor workspace setup, now you can select which monitor is primary. That is a great thing IMO when you have calibrated second monitor and you of course want to playback fullscreen from Resolve on it without dedicated I/O hardware (like in Premiere).

    But, when CMD+F it shows the full screen viewer to the other monitor, I mean the first one, ummm, the one that is system default first monitor. I haven't find a way to change this in settings. With all this 'power to the masses' attitude they could've finally make me not buy the Decklink.

  • If they don't really use black magic, they need to make some money too ;-)

    Currently there is no way to precisely monitor your grade without some I/O device from BM and a calibrated monitor.

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  • I have been playing around with new ResolveFX effects and I'm impressed. I can really use these. It seems that I don't necessarily need to open After Effects. I find at least these useful: Lens Blur, Lens Flare, Glow, Prism Blur, Scanlines, Mirrors, Film Grain, Dent. And the performance for most plugins is impressive when compared to same operation in AE.

  • Wow! Really looks amazing! I wonder if other competitors will take note?

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  • not free anymore? the ask me for product key

  • Well, may be you downloaded full version?

  • this one say DaVinci Resolve 12.5

    The free DaVinci Resolve 12.5 is a full professional editing and color grading system that is suitable for independent users working on SD, HD and Ultra HD projects. 437mb

  • @derek, there are 2 versions: The Free and Studio versions. Also, some of Resolves OFX plug-ins I think you'll have to pay (to get the Studio version, I think) and will get the watermark.

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