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jump to the sky
  • i wish time would stop when i'm with my daughter

    Unhacked GH1
    Conformed to 24p then applied 25% Timewarp from AE CS5
    Magic Bullet Looks
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  • Interesting.
    But all this metal things do not add charm :-)
  • just a tiny amusement park with lots of metal scraps. hehe
  • >just a tiny amusement park with lots of metal scraps. hehe

    My idea had been to place camera almost directly under her in this case, with slight offset only :-)
  • I wish I had such option. After the shot, I had to rush to help her rebalance and jump straight up. Moment comes and goes. Better to have something imperfect than nothing :)
  • Absolutely agree.

    It is interesting illustration on framing.
    If you are shooting something or someone you love, your vision removes most of the distracting things, it just do not notice them. If another person looks at the same scene, he sees all the problems :-)
  • I hate to agree... but I gotta agree with you.

    In photo I just blur distracting things. Apply magnetic lasso, refine edge, and do lens blur. In video, oh well... there's always next time :)

    Actually... the fence means something to me. It sorta represents a safeguard... a boundary between childhood and adulthood. At least that's how I "wanna" interpret the distracting element. Also there goes inner framing. Throw objectivity outta window. Hehe.