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Pentax K-1 FF DSLR camera topic, anti video camera for $1800
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    AF system of the K-1 can't keep up with some of its peers, but it is an improvement over previous Pentax DSLRs. Single point AF-C, which we expect DSLRs to excel at, proved to be highly inconsistent and failed about half of the time.

    Usual for Pentax.

    Image Quality is where the K-1 definitely outshines the majority of its competition at this price point, with the camera giving one of the best Raw dynamic range results we've ever seen, falling just short of the industry-leading Nikon D810. Low light Raw image quality is a match for just about anything on the market, falling just short of the class-leading Sony a7R II.

    Also usual, had been same for previous APS-C models.

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    Pentax K-1 has really great, roomy and very bright thru-the-lens optical viewfinder. Its new on-demand grid overlays are a great addition which we've not seen before in a Pentax-branded DSLR, although the backlight for these is a bit on the dim side for nighttime shooting.

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  • I went for a test during a Pentax roadshow at my dealer's shop. I am working with the 645z for 18months now and I am absolutely happy with it. My Canon stuff is not the newest and I was thinking about to get K1 instead of spending the budget for the soon to come 5D Mark IV. I had two bodies, two 24-70, one 15-30 and one 70-200 for an afternoon.

    I must say I was totally disappointed about the autofocus. I tried to track cyclists and slow cars (30km/h max) and it was a disaster. I earn my living with these kinds of shots and I have quite some experience. I went several times to the Pentax specialists and asked if sth in the setting might be wrong or not ideal. The 70-200 was really really bad but also with the 24-70 ist was a matter of luck to hit the focus. I read in reviews that it's not suitabel for sport and action. From my experience it's only for static subjects. (The a6300 does even face detection tracking in these situations)

    My advice: don't buy from specs or reviews. Go for an extensive test by yourself

    PS: what I don't understand that Pentax developed a lens from the scratch with 28-105mm. 24-105 has become common standard for one-for-all lenses. 28mm is significantly too short at the wide end.

  • New firmware - v1.20

    • Corresponded to [KAF4 lens mount] that is equipped with an electromagnetic diaphragm control system.
      Enable new lens HD PENTAX-DA 55-300mmF4.5-6.3ED PLM WR RE to shoot stable by updating firmware.
    • Improved stability for general performance.

  • New firmware coming - v1.30

    • The Electronic Shutter can be selected at the Menu to reduce camera shake from the mechanical shutter when shooting with Live View mode.
    • 1:1 Crop Mode - The square crop mode, originally seen on the K-1 prototype, is back.
    • You will be able to go back to single-shot mode while BKT is selected on the Function Dial
    • You will be able to choose to bracket for the Type 2 AA filter simulator setting.
  • So, v1.30

    RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. is pleased to announce the release of the function expanding Firmware version 1.30 for PENTAX K-1 digital SLR camera (launched on April, 2016) on September 29, 2016.

    The function expand firmware is to add new function or increase number of setting for currently used PENTAX K-1 camera, so that improve the function, easy handling and update to the latest function.

    New Enhanced Functions

    • The Electronic Shutter at Live View mode
      The Electronic Shutter can be selected at the Menu to reduce camera shake from the mechanical shutter when shooting with Live View mode.
    • Add the [1:1] format at the Crop mode
      Added and selectable [Square format (1:1)] size at the Crop mode.
    • Add [2 frames bracketing] for the [AA Filter Simulator bracketing]
      Addition to the current [3 frames bracketing (OFF, TYPE1, TYPE2)], the [2 frames bracketing (OFF, TYPE2)] is added and selectable for the [AA Filter Simulator bracketing]
    • Smart Function
      At the [BKT] setting, the bracketing range [±0 (=single frame)] can be selected.
    • Improved stability for general performance.
  • Pentax value cameras quite cheap now:

    Until the end of December 2016, those who purchase a Pentax K-1 can trade-in their old camera and receive a £100 bonus.

  • Another way to save - Pentax K-1 DSLR Camera Body with Free Accessory Bundle for $1946

  • Announcing the launch of the PENTAX K-1 Limited Silver


    LONDON, 23rd August 2017 -RICOH COMPANY, LTD. and RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. are pleased to announce a special edition of the PENTAX K series high end model digital SLR camera, the PENTAX K-1 Limited Silver. Only 2,000 units available worldwide.

    The PENTAX K-1 (launched in April 2016) features a 35.9mm x 24.0mm large, high-performance CMOS image sensor, achieving ultra-high definition approx. 36.4 effective mega pixels and superb gradation recreation, along with high-sensitivity performance for the ultimate K series digital SLR camera model. This limited edition model was designed to meet overwhelming user demand for a camera body and battery grip in a refined silver colour that perfectly matches the silver FA Limited Lens Series. The model also features a limited edition metal hot shoe cover with logo. These features show our commitment to the finest details and make this a truly special model.

    Main Features

    • A high-grade silver-colour coating is used on the camera body and battery grip to perfectly match the silver FA Limited Lens, along with a special silver type SR badge on the front of the camera
    • The metal hot shoe cover features a beautiful , mirror finish PENTAX K-1 Limited Silver logo
    • Two exclusive batteries are included and can be used simultaneously in the camera body and battery grip
    • Exclusively designed product box
    • The camera body comes pre-installed with the latest firmware (Ver. 1.41).

    Note: The camera body’s features and specifications are identical with those of the standard model, except for the firmware. PENTAX K-1 Overview

    K-1 Limited Silver includes: Battery Grip D-BG6, 2 x D-LI90 lithium battery, Metal Hotshoe Cover

    Available: Mid-September

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  • Has firmware upgrades, now on Ver. 1.41, helped video? I'm looking at the camera for astrophotography...

  • @bubbe it has nothing to do with video.

  • Pentax K-1 Digital Full Frame SLR Camera Body for 1401 GBP

  • Pentax K-1 Digital SLR with HD Pentax-D FA L 28-105mm F3.5/5.6 ED Lens, $1896

  • Firmware V1.51

    • Optimized performance when attaching new lens HD PENTAX-DA*11-18mmF2.8ED DC AW.

  • New firmware v1.52

    • New lens support - HD PENTAX-DFA 70-210mm F4 ED SDM WR
    • Improved overall operation stability