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Olympus E-M5 II, camera topic
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  • Two things not clear to me about Olympus' in-camera Highlights & Shadows adjustment screen:

    • Is there a way to reposition the center + point on the grid, or does it remained fixed in the exact middle?

    • Is there a way to save and load custom exposure settings to either internal memory or SD card?

  • Olympus cam always have 30 minute limit

  • Does anyone know if there will be a 30 minute record limit on North American version? Also I was reading the manual and it has a note about possibility of overheating! Being in a warm climate area that has me concerned

  • According to Setsuya Kataoka, future OM-D cameras will be able to create multi-shot high resolution images in such a short time that photographers will be able to use the feature handheld. Mr. Kataoka, General Manager of Olympus’s product and marketing planning division and the man behind the R&D of the OM film cameras and the E system, spoke to us recently in the Czech Republic during a European event to demonstrate the features of the new OM-D E-M5 ll. He went on to explain that he expected the R&D team to make rapid progress in the development of the High Res Shot feature and that in time Olympus will be able to create a system will take less than 1/60sec instead of the current time of about one second.

    Mr. Kataoka says that the most important development of the OM-D E-M5 ll is not the High Res Shot mode itself, but the improvements that have been made to the 5-Axis image stabilization system that makes the High Res Shot function possible. The new system allows smaller and more accurate movements to be made to the sensor position so that it can be shifted by half a pixel in each direction to create the multi-sample image. He explained that the sensor has to be able to be moved and stopped so that each pixel is just 0.0002mm from its previous position – with a tolerance of +/-0.0001mm. Now that can be done, the next step will be to make the process of expose-shift-expose-shift happen more quickly.

  • Olympus EM-5 Mark II Underwater Photo & Video Review

  • Im sure its still good for a lot of people but the most sensible option for me looks like being GH4, (the best on sensible money) and maybe I can find a useful gyro stabiliser to reduce my track and travels in tight spaces

  • @duartix The KAUAS guys said max usable iso in low light was 800.

  • @sidecar: I never believed it could knock the GH4, but what was reasonable was for it to be at least as good as the GH3. It's not. It's not even close.

    And the way they subsample the sensor it's not going to look pretty in low light either. I'd say it's going to be at least 2EV stops behind the GH2 in video.

  • I usually do a mix of event shooting and guerilla filmmaking, and have a bunch of manual M43 glass, so on paper this body is perfect for me, but I just can't get on board with that mushy image. When they deliver at least GH3 resolution I'll be there. Maybe the 4K model I guess.

  • The IQ of this camera reminds me a bit of a nex-ea50 I once had, image detail appears a bit soft and there is visible moire and aliasing from the samples I have seen so far, the only thing that really seem to have improved is the bitrate so the codec doesn't fall apart on high detail or fast motion scenes. It doesn't look bad but might be difficult to match with other camera's such as the GH4. Also silly Olympus still doesn't allow to change the f-stop on the em5 while shooting video, does anyone know if you can change the iso while recording?

  • This video has confusing title: A trip to Prague to test the Olympus EM5 MK II. This is actually a footage of a trip to Prague for an EM5II presentation organized by Olympus. I must admit I've fallen into this trap. I couldn't tell what it is shot with until I read the title in the end. And it looks damn well stabilized. So the competition is really tight these days. Have fun ;)

  • @johnbrawley sure, but order in a stretched Prius to fit all your stuff in maybe not so cheap :)

  • @duartix at the end of the day I guess we are just positioning the camera with the known knowns, only to discover once again that its pretty hard to knock off the GH4

  • I think it's another tool in the arsenal. I think it's a great companion camera to the Pocket cinema camera. It has IBIS, an EVF, it's weatherproof, has an articulated screen and can shoot to 60 FPS. It will never match the 12 bit log of the pocket, but you'd use it for different things or to compliment your Pocket camera...(or GHx)

    They are so inexpensive in the scheme of things you'd just get one anyway !


  • This guy's review has some comparison with EM5 v1.

  • Some more real world tests

    IBIS impressive, overall IQ - not so much. Still too harsh for my taste.

    These two look much better in overcast light. Moire detected on rooftops.

    Full Cameralabs review here:

  • @sidecar: then you shouldn't go very far: GH3 isn't much different from GH2.

    @Duly_noted: Grading has little to do with resolution or moiré. Those are the telling signs.

  • I still want to see what its like compared with a GH2

  • @duartix the em5 isnt as sharp in that test. I doubt anyone expected it to be. But to be fair we have no idea how the settings were in camera between the 2. The gh3 in that comparison could be applying more sharpening. To be honest those crops show me that the video is plenty useable. I dont ever plan on cropping that much in 1080p video. What do you think about johns videos? Curiosity looked very good to me.

  • It's as clear as water that they are subsampling the sensor. This will strongly impact resolution and DR.

    IQ is not even close to GH3/GX7 generation:

    If you learn to live with that, everything else is overwhelming.

  • A7 II one doesn't look stabilized at all!