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Live Streaming Solutions
  • Ive got a major live event to film end of this month and wondered what the best solutions to use with a GH2 would be. I'm thinking using the HDMI out to an SDI conversion but would like to know people's experience of using / connecting upto a laptop which is using IP to upload to either a point to point or dedicated streaming server to client end.
    The GH2 needs to be roaming so no fixed cable can be used. So wireless transmitter to receiver would be required, then something to get it into the laptop and then using ustream, telestream or whatever to live encode.
    Any thoughts or suggestions would be well received. Many thanks.
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  • nick - i have spent a lot of time over the last few months looking into the issue of how to get a live signal transmitted from the GH2, both for use with a model helicopter and for hand-held shots where it is impractical for the director to run beside the operator. i have had several conversations about this with Panasonic UK, including one today. this is the short version of what i have discovered:
    1) most portable video senders require a CV (composite) input (eg via RCA phono connnector, usually yellow). i have not yet found a portable video sender that will take HDMI - i have spoken to an american maker of video senders, and they were not interested in HDMI - too much bandwidth being one reason. i am about to talk to a prof at an acclaimed british technical university to see whether there is any student interest in pursuing developing a portable HDMI video sender (it looks like xbee has too little bandwidth and there are HDMI handshaking issues which seem to be a major headache).
    2) i have tried to convert the HDMI output to CV, but the HDMI converter i have (a £60 device) will only accept HDMI signal from the GH2 when the camera is in playback mode (which is useless). when in live shooting or recording mode, the converter sees no signal at all from the GH2. i have tried every possible GH2 HDMI output permutation, always with the same negative results.
    3) the CV output on the GH2 is crippled during recording mode, otherwise one could simply use that, and all would be lollipops and roses. i spoke again to Panasonic UK about an hour ago about this, and was told that thanks to my previous enquiry, Panasonic Japan is now aware of the problem, but there is no strong likelihood of a firmware fix for it. i was asked to gather evidence from users of the desire for CV output during record, so if anyone reading this will email me at, that will help to make the case.
    4) i believe there is something strange about the HDMI output of the GH2, since the HDMI to CV converter i have is quite happy to convert HDMI from my dvd player. meanwhile, the GH2 will drive my (v cheap) lilliput 7" monitor perfectly well, so you could argue that the HDMI converter needs to be better since something can actually read the GH2 HDMI output correctly.

    i hope this is of some use, as it has taken some money and many hours of research and experimenting over a number of months to get even this far. i would be incredibly grateful to know of anyone else's experience, as i was planning to film a micro-budget feature with the GH2 as well as shooting aerial work with it, but the lack of live, usable output is a complete showstopper.

  • mmmm, and what about the eye-fi wifi SD card and send it via wifi to the notebook? (i don´t have a card to try though)
  • I also had problem with that HDMI output, first with one of my LCD screen, second (more related to the topic) with high end videoconferencing endpoints (ex-Tandberg now Cisco endpoints : EX90, C90), those codecs can ingest and stream almost everything I connected to them (PCs, Bluray players, HD video cameras), but no luck with the GH2.

    Another guy here also had problem connecting GH2 to his PC to stream using Webex (which would be a good solution for you to stream 360p video to Internet)
  • mmm or maybe the mobyadapter ( with a bluethooth pendrive and send it to a notebook that must have bluethooth, (again a cant test this either, but as hdmi is out it seems that the sd is the way to go)
  • Is there even a way to tether the GH2 at the moment?
  • lenuisible - the really curious thing is that the GH2 HDMI output seems to be unpredictable - i first got the GH2 talking to my HDMI-CV converter by accident - i was trying to change settings, pressed the Menu button, and suddenly noticed that the camera menu was on my TV (which has no HDMI input but was receiving CV signal from the HDMI converter).

    i thought my problems were over, but of course as soon as i went out of Menu mode i lost the image on the TV. then i tried going into playback mode and that worked (just like the CV output until you press the trash button for 5 seconds - i tried that, but it made no difference to the HDMI).

    after this initial quasi success, Menu mode worked intermittently, but playback worked reliably. all completely useless from a practical shooting point of view, but it shows that under some circumstances even a cheap HDMI device will recognise the GH2 HDMI output.

    i have never had any trouble with the Lilliput not recognising the GH2 HDMI signal, including during shooting. i believe there must be a firmware change/hack that could fix this, which is why i posted the problem to this website.

  • yep, but theyre not available yet.... are they?
  • >yep, but theyre not available yet.... are they?

    Why they are not avalable?
    That topic has links to product pages :-)
  • The problem is I need to be able to roam probably over 30 metres to 50 metres. In some way the new HDMI wireless gear from HP etc... (see Vitaliy's link) only go to 20m. But thats not too bad. FI may very well order one to try out. :-)
  • >The problem is I need to be able to roam probably over 30 metres to 50 metres

    I doubt that you'll find good quality solution for less than few thousands for such distances.

    >FI may very well order one to try out. :-)

    Of course, it is quite cheap now <$120.
  • Delivery: Estimated between Thu. Nov. 3 and Thu. Nov. 17 ... too late for what I need. Its probably time for me to pick up the old Sony EX3 and hire a D-Cam rig for it :-(
  • May be.
    But they also have other companies shipping same product.
    Plus it depends on shipping method.
  • Would be nice to know if one could mount an external antenna and/or tweak this little box a bit, so it outputs a little more.
    @driftwood be careful, what works in the lab might fail in a crowded, electronically polluted environment like such a public event is. I would mount the transmitter on the very top of the rig and see if you can get the receiver fixed on the ceiling, so you always have line of sight. One could also think about a laptop with BM shuttle in backpak, some vlc that crunches the stream so it can go trough 5 ghz wlan. Stay away from 2.5 ghz if possible, its usually very crowded at events and will be stopped by things that contain water.
  • Good advice @Meierhans, thanks
  • @Driftwood Have you looked into the Teradek Cube. This might be just what you need.
  • @Bueller

    It is of no way cheap :-)
    About 20x the price as I see.
    I can't find ANY range specifications.
    And it is based upon cheap H264 encoder and WiFi card.
  • @Bueller Turned it down. no good.
  • Somebody help driftwood!!!!!
  • K Im going for a Gigawave HD RF System on the Sony Ex3 ...
    ... but will be looking at any other system for a GH2 B cam if we can get summit sorted.
    Also anyone know the best reliable SDI ingest to laptop device to maintain live encoding to streaming to a ustream/telestream server? AJA/Blackmagic?
  • @gizmo, what kind RC helicopter are you using?
  • @gizmo - i have two of those HDMI converter boxes you illustrate (the vendor sent me a replacement when the first one would not work with the GH2) and neither of them works when the GH2 is in record mode - the output from the converter just cuts out completely. the only way i can get the HDMI converter to work with any predictability is during GH2 playback mode, which is not much use for anything practical.
  • @driftwood - are you based in the UK? also, i thought you wanted something cheap??
    i am considering contacting a prof at a premiere UK technical university to see whether there are any students who are interested in this problem, since a good value, portable HDMI sender would possibly have an interesting market.