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FEEDBACK ASKED: Working as a camerawoman and editor on music videos
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  • Hi @caveport thanks for your feedback, I don't take them as harsh at all. (:

    I must state though I find much of it, to be more taste than constructive feedback. But! I agree that film making is a never visual ending journey + thinking about the audience as well. I am not planning to give up any day soon!



  • I forgot to ask @caveport what type editing of techniques or camera motion would you recommend to make it visually more interesting for an audience?



  • Shot this one in late 2014. It was pretty much a guerrilla shoot. Used the same lenses and gear on this one too.

  • Hi! I have some new work up. Wonder what you guys think of it and if you have any feedback.

    What I tried doing different in this video is;

    • Make a more interesting storyline
    • Wider angles and full body shots
    • Heavier color grading



  • It's great. Like the random stuff in there as well as the performance footage - it's what gives the artist (and your promo) character. Your shot contrast is working really well too

  • This promo directors work might interest you - part of a series I edited for UK transmission

  • Hey @mrbill! Thank you for your great feedback. Interesting documentary as well, never hear of her before. I can kinda relate to some of her views.



  • Shot this one, handheld indoor with no additional lighting. Had some difficulty with the grading and cleaning up the grain. But I think the result is pretty ok! What do you guys think? Feedback? Comments?

  • Hi all!

    I'm posting a new video in this topic, so you can see my progress and give feedback. I'm quickly getting the hang of editing and already have a routine. Also for filming and grading.

    My next challenge will be:

    • More in-depth color grading
    • Working with Davinci Resolve
    • Shooting at night
    • Building better storyline

    I still find it difficult to build a solid storyline also because of the type of projects I do, mostly are low budget. So I improvise as much as possible.

    What do you suggest to make a more challenging storyline on a low budget? Would love to hear your tips.



  • Still curious to know what you think of my latest video! Any constructive feedback?

  • This has been my next challenge. Something I used to try to avoid: filming at night! But now I'm working with a new hack. Moon T8, which is my nr. 1 now. I've been able to push the ISO till 1600 in some situations. It's not perfect but I am very much satisfied + what matters most to me is, a happy client and an audience who enjoys it.

    Any feedback is welcome of course!



  • Nice images in challenging conditions :-)

  • Thank you! @mrbill It sure was. But I'm definitely bound to improve my skill set. (:

  • My latest work is now online. There are some things I wish I did different, but overall I think it looks pretty nice. What I tried with this video is to portray multiple storylines around one person and interesting shots from higher places. I did a less heavy grading as well.

    Feedback is always welcome. Just watch and let me know what you think!

  • So what do you think?

  • New work, new progress!

  • Thank you. (: @belfryman

  • The latest one is a good solid bit of work. Didn't care for the previous one, but I don't think the song really knew what it was either - sorry!

  • That's ok @mrbill you're feedback is appreciated. Thank you!

  • SlrMagic makes a 12 mm T1.6 that looks great on a GH2...also flares a bit under the right circumstances!...its $569 at B&H...there were two generations of this lens...the first have some problems...I would buy it new to avoid someone getting rid of one of the older lenses....They also make a 10mm but at $799 and T2.1...IMO the 12 gets you wide enough on the large GH2 sensor...plenty of info on this lens on PV...PS...I own the 12, 17, 25 & 35...they've never disappointed me:)

  • @PierreB Thanks for the tip! Right now i'm looking at the Samyang/Rokinon 16mm T2.2 and considering to buy that one along with the 24mm T1.5. I just have to save a little bit more money for a 'GO'.

  • My first time shooting an event after movie like this.

    This video has REALLY been my greatest challenge so far. While shooting a lot went wrong. The area I was shooting in was way too dark and the led lamp I brought suddenly didn't work. So I came up with the idea to light up some shots with the flashlight of my iPhone, which worked pretty well.

    I'm not super proud of this one but overall I tried to make the best of it. Also in the edit. Bottom line is; I learned a lot while doing this. and I know now, what not to do! My next goal is to buy a wide angle prime lens and try renting other camera bodies.

    Please tell me what you would do to improve this video or style of shooting.

  • This shoot went pretty smooth, eventhough we had little time and shot most of it guerrilla style in one day. My main piece of use was my rig and 28mm lens on a Panasonic GH2. I had some difficulties with grading, but I tried to make the best of it overall.

  • Looks nice. Well done

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