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Possible to modify this tungsten light to HMI?
  • Let me preface by saying this is probably unlikely, but I just had the idea and thought I'd throw it out there. A couple of years ago I bought the Dedolight 436 with DT36-1 ballast ( for a great price on ebay. It takes a 400w 36v halogen bulb and with the ballast packs a real punch basically the equivalent of a 1k. It's a tremendous light, but I find myself rarely using it though because of the size. I was considering selling it, until I thought that it might be possible to convert it to an HMI. Dedolight also makes an HMI ( of the same wattage that is part of the same series as this light, so it might be possible. Does anyone have any idea of how I would even go about contemplating to do this?