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Using Kino Flos
  • Shooting a project and considering renting some kino Flos because they seem to be so widely used.. Looking for information on why they're so indispensable - what are the advantages of using these kind of lights, how should they ideally be used, things like that. Any info will help in addition to the research I am doing on my own, just want to be as prepared as possible would love some feedback from those with experience.

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  • I like them a lot, although I've just had delivered a pair of Celeb 200's which I'll test in the next few weeks.

    Here's an example on 2 off 4ft Kinoflos:

    That has green screen as well as set lighting in. It would seem that there is a short sharp peak of green in Kinoflos, but this doesn't seem to affect the overall balance.

  • I know David Fincher used them extensively in the 'john does apartment' scene.. they provide a nice underlying boost to the scene and accentuate texture