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Tascam DR-60D MKII
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  • besides price….what do you think 60d mmII vs sd pre mix d?

  • @tommy - the BP 6AA is designed to work with the 60Dmkii - see the list of accessories on the tascam site (under "Options"):

    Now, you may have to get a different screw and cable, but it's going to work (just as it works for the original 60D).

    Also, yes, you can use an optional battery pack, no problem. Look into any of the battery packs that are designed to power up phones and tablets, and they'll all work as long as the following specs are there: it should be rated 5V and should have 1 amp output (usually they have two usb, one 1 amp and the second one 2.1 amp). All you have to do is pick one of those battery packs, and they have various ratings up to 20,000mAh reliably (I've seen 50,000mAh sold on eBay, but I don't trust those specs). You connect those to the mini-USB in the 60Dmkii and there you go, problem solved. You should easily get a battery pack that would last you the whole shooting day and even more.

  • I have the original 60D, that I got for a great price brand new ($149), but I am curious as to what the difference is with the new 60Dmkii. In particular I'd like to know if it's built more sturdily - and I guess I'd like to know if the xlr inputs don't stick like it did for a ton of folks on the original 60D (though I don't know how you'd test for that, lol). Anyone who has both the old and the new one, want to chime in?

  • So this will work? (one usb to DR60D and 1 to GH4, not to charge, but to get 'power' from during shooting:

    @RottenCarcass Unfortunately I don't have the DR60D (only MKII) so I don't know if it is more sturdy. I suppose it is the same housing, only with red bars ;-)

  • I have just finished testing the DR-60DMKII and there is an issue in addition to the pots stepping noticeably when the level is changed quickly. You cannot ramp the levels down to zero! Even when the levels are set to zero, the mics still show noticeable input. The user manual mentions AGC, but there doesn't appear to be a way to turn it off, you can only set the limiter on/off. I noticed that they added a mute function to the mics, but this is a poor substitute to proper operation of the pots. The Zoom H6 behaves normally with smooth response to level change and there is no discernable mic input when the levels are ramped down to zero. For me, this is a deal breaker. Any decent mixer or recorder should have a smooth response to level changes and when you ramp the input to zero, it should be zero! Very unfortunate.

  • @beakparrot

    Can you make some dumb video with sound? I mean volume adjustment and level issues?

  • @beakparrot - there was some discussion of this issue on the jws board, not sure if it was with the DR-60Dmkii though. The upshot was that the levels are not on/off, they are "trims" which have a min and a max - meaning a min is not zero, just minimum, thus there is a signal. So from their point of view, it's operating exactly as it should. That's the difference between on/off and trims. I think you need to talk to a sound pro for more details (I'm NOT a sound pro).

  • Vitaliy, I will try to document the issue with video this weekend, before I return the unit.

  • RottenCarcass,

    Thanks for your comments.

    OK, trims vs. gain levels. Understood. But EVERY mixer I have ever used separates those 2 functions into 2 controls. In other words when you use a console (studio) mixer, each channel has a trimmer at the top (with a limited range of cut and boost) and a linear pot below so that you can ramp the gain up and down for the main bus mix. The trim pots are used to adjust the linear pots so that all the channels are at unity gain (I.E 0dB or 10 dB or whatever) at the same relative physical position on each channel. You can ALWAYS dump the level to zero by pulling the linear pot all the way to the bottom of its range. Sure, field mixers are different in that they use rotary pots instead of linear ones, but the function should be the same. In the case of the DR-60DMkII, it is not. Yes, this probably is the way the unit is designed and it is functioning correctly, but for my purposes at least, it is a show stopper. If I want to totally kill a mic feed by turning the rotary pot to zero, I can't (and I don't want to have to track down the menu-driven mute button to do that.

  • @Beakparrot, how are the preamps? I know that the ones on the 60d were noticeably noisier than the juiced link.

  • Peter123456,

    According to Tascam, the pre-amps are supposed to increase the gain range and sensitivity. I did not test the noise floor after uncovering the notched level issue and the zero gain problem. For me, it was a done deal at that point. Sorry.

  • Peter123456,

    I can tell you that it is noisier than my Sound Devices 302, but there is a huge $$$ delta between the 2 units.

  • This is probably a stupid question but I don't want to make a false assumption. This can record 4 tracks at 24-bit 96k simultaneously - correct? Thanks!

  • Here's the audio of an interview that I was the boom op for with the DR-60D mkII and the Audio Technica AT897. I'm booming overhead and slightly in front of him, aiming the shotgun mic to his mouth/chest (proper technique).

    In Audition, I added a bit of gain and copied the left channel to the right channel. Other than those two things, what you're hearing is the audio without any other processing.

  • When you compare the Audio Performance with v.1, they look the same on paper. I don't know if they improved the pre-amps on the new version.

    They added more gain with a new High+PLUS setting, but we all know what it sounds like when we crank the gain. Is this an improvement?

    I wonder if the pre-amps will be better on the DR-70D. Hmm...

  • I have mark I for years now using with NTG3...

    Is there anything with better preamp then 60D MKII this days in €200 price range? Or nothing rally changed during last 4 years?

  • @konjow

    Can try

    Its approach really differs from all else (except, partly, Zaxcom).

  • @vitaliy I was asking more about name other new unknown models brands (Saraminic etc) F6 is mach higher price range €1000. I probably would go for Tascam 680 II for €480 first. I cant find good comperition 60d vs 60d II in preamps improvement. Cant see reason to spend more then few hundreds for what I do so better stay where Im now.