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Are all POWER OIS lenses unsuitable for handheld shooting?
  • I think that Panasonic has big issue of jittering lenses. How we can inform Panasonic about that. Does someone know if Panasonic is knowing it or is doing something with it.

    POWER OIDS = optical image destabilization :)

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  • i never had any issues with it on the gh2 body. I've only noticed very bad delay and correction on the gh3 gh4 body when you suddenly pan. it would hold then let go ruining the pan shot. for my scenario i think it has to do with body stabilisation mode. I haven't had any issues with my this jitteriness, or i haven't been looking for it in my footages.

  • @ I haven't had any issues with my this jitteriness, or i haven't been looking for it in my footages.

    That is one side of the issue. People dont look handheld shots critically. If there is jitter it seems to be OK for most people. What lens do you have? My 14-140 II jitters badly with wide stationary shots.

  • 35-100 f2.8, a $1500 MSRP lens, has the same issue:

  • @Vesku - have you tested your 14-140mm mkII lens on something other than GH3 or GH4?

    Also - I have no stabilization issues shooting pics with the 35-100mm lens, only hand-held movies. I cannot say that for the 14-140mm mkII. Unfortunately, the 14-140mm mkII lens suffers from some kind of shutter shock, so I must use electronic shutter for pics (unless shutter is very fast, < 1/400)

  • @v10tdi

    I tested with GH3 and GH4. If it is camera related what I must do. get an Olympus??

    I have no stabilization issues shooting pics with the 35-100mm lens, only hand-held movies....

    My photos are OK. So you say that you too have handheld jitter problems. That is good. More and more people are figuring this issue.

  • @v10tdi you may want to try a test similar to the one I did. I filmed several times and did not know, though something was bothering me about the footage but I could not put my finger on it. You really notice it best if you try to hold the camera very still, and with a subject that has some contrast so you can easily see if the picture moves around. It is a common complaint. I think the reason it is not more widely reported is: a) Most 35-100 owners primarily have it for photos b) In a home video situation (shaky cam) it is not relly that noticeable c) A portion of owners use their own IBIS instead, alternatively mostly use tripod.

    Some info on the clips. First Clip is shot in Ex Tele on GH3. This will magnify the issue (but you see it is far worth than cheap lenses). The second is normal. They are all shot in manual with same iso, aperture, shutter etc.

  • @v10tdi My bad, I read your comment too quickly. I agree, no issues with photos, just video.

  • How is the Panny 12-35mm 2.8 OIS on a BMPocket?

  • I think that Panny OIS is not even working with BMpocket.

  • My 100-300 with OIS works.

  • We've been here before unfortunately. Good luck guys. The fun starts at the bottom of the page.

  • The 12-35mm OIS is working on the Pocket and it has no issues after it's firmware update.

    If the same would be true for the 35-100 I'd buy it right away (and sell a few other lenses).

  • @nomad

    Good to hear that you are happy with your 12-35mm lens. Can you shoot stable video handheld at 12mm without any micro jittering?

  • Can anybody see the famous micro jitter in this video with GH4 and 14-140 II handheld?

    If you cant see it I suggest to get better viewing equipment.

    Panasonic has a big issue here.

  • I don't have any so-called micro jitter with my GH4. I do agree that the power OIS is not quite as good as my GH2 with non power OIS 14-42 lens, but no micro jitter.

  • @caveport

    Thank for reply. I am trying to figure if this is a common problem. What lens do you refer in your reply? Have you tried to shoot stationary (not moving camera) shot handheld? I cant hold my GH4 and 14-140 II so steady that it is not jittering.

  • I have the GH4 with 12-35mm kit lens. If I need steady locked-off shots I use a tripod as hand held can be tricky to stabilise. Motion blur is not fixable in editing.

  • Is just me, or in some footage samples from the LX100 there is some micro jitter too (in static handheld shots)?

  • @MarcioK

    If you will be focusing long enough and hard enough you'll see it in each video and after some practice start to see it constantly occurring with your own vision in real life.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Some people cant see video quality issues even if they look long and hard and with someone telling what to look:)

    I just sended to Mercalli service people examples how their stab program changes GH4 luminance levels and they answered to me that they CANT SEE it. How funny.

  • I will give honorable mention to the Nocticron, as it seems to be the first Power OIS lens they nailed in terms of getting rid of micro jitter. Hopefully the LX100, if it uses Power OIS (not Mega OIS), will also not have the issue.

  • My 14-140 lens makes small jumps when I use it on the Black magic pocket camera. And it does when I don't move at all or I don't realize I'm moving, and using a monopod...

  • @davjd

    New or old 14-140? Are the jumps small and rapid and all the time? Can you shoot stable stationary videos handheld? Do you have a Panasonic body. Is the situation same with it?


  • To add some more data. My old 14-140 (first version, f4.0-5.8) does NOT exhibit the micro jitters at all. But, this uses the older "Mega OIS". My 35-100 f2.8 definitely has the micro jitters. I have not seen any evidence of the micro jitters on my 12-35 f2.8. This is on the GH3.