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'Moments in Sport' Car Racing film shot on Panasonic GH3 with Canon EF L Primes, Edited FCPX...
  • This is my latest short film. Shot on a GH3 with Canon EF L Primes (from my 60D days) and a manual aperture adapter (wish the new speedbooster was out earlier, and wish the GH3 had the focus peaking feature like the GH4 does).

    I like the Vivid setting in the GH3, the blacks look good after grading. This wasn't aimed as a cinema production, instead TV with a slight filmic quality!

    Few things I would of changed, would have lost the massive DOF to one of my interviews. Broke my lens hood on the Canon 100mm f2.8 IS lens and found I had some casting/refraction on certain shots without it.

    Shot by: Kirk Gaydon Panasonic GH3 Canon EF L 24mm Canon EF L 50mm Canon EF L 100mm (IS not usable)

    Panasonic GH3 Settings: MOV 72Mbps Vivid -5, -5, -3, -3 1080p50 PAL Shutter 1/100 (on track) 1080p25 PAL Shutter 1/50 (interviews)

    Audio: Rode VideoMic Pro

    Any thoughs or questions, just ask.