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Axiom Beta (4k, RAW, Opensource) Crowdfunding Started
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  • @atagunov

    I am really worried about this. As project has all the properties of thing with endless delays and something different on delivery. To many sensors, too many options. You can go to market and ask how much two or three engineers who can program FCPGA and develop such complexity products earn a year.

  • Looking over the proposed feature sheet; it strikes me more as a "won't this be cool!" list of features, than "these are things we have no doubts we can accomplish". Sort of like "Yes! It will do that!" no matter what the question is. I'm surprised they didn't go ahead and add 8:8:8 color capture and unlimited framerates. ;)

    Open Source isn't magical - it's just open. Blender 3D is open source, yet that hasn't somehow produced a superior 3D application compared to commercials applications such as 3DS Max and Maya.

    All the best of luck to them, but at the moment I don't expect they're going to produce something that outperforms every camera in history for $5,500.

  • When I first saw this, had a good chuckle

    But the DNGs speak a language beyond appearances =)
    DL of Original DNG -
    And a 1:1 dirty grade (below)

    4092 x 3068 - 2M
  • More stuff on poor delayed project.

    Presently we're in the process of testing materials for a Beta II enclosure and writing a V2 of both cameras' software. We're a small team, all of us are unpaid, and so the project has taken a long time to pull off. Had more people participated in the camera's development it would undoubtedly have shipped sooner. State of play is - we'll be announcing an estimated ship date at some point over the next eight weeks. Would loved to have completed sooner, but again, we're a small team.

    You read all this and you can literally cry. All money long gone, yet they produce Alpha, Alpha 2, Beta 1, Beta 2, I am sure we have at least 4-5 iterations till something usable by normal people comes.

    With Digital Bolex some poor investor at least had the guts to change and hire proper team during painful development and come with something that works (but not sells). Non surprisingly the founders put this same investor to blame.

  • Insanity continue

    Around $10000 for now