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GH4 wired remote focus
  • Hi guys. After using my hacked GH2 for 3 years I just got my GH4, and I'm already in love with it. It happens sometimes that is use the camera on a glidecam or a gimbal and I would like to have to ability to pull focus without touching the rig. Nothing super-precise, I rent a wireless follow focus when I need it, but when I shoot alone a remote focus cable would do the trick. I tried the wi-fi app, but having an assistant with an iPad is not an option :) I can't fin any information on the web about a panasonic/lanc cable capable of pulling focus over lumix. Do you know if there is any? Thank you!


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  • Oh, I used to pull focus via lanc on BMCC, I wish it was possible with Panny too. Thanks! :))))

  • @Lanz1 do you mean with the BMPCC (pocket) and a Pana Lens? I think the mount on the BMCC MFT is passive.

    I was asking iBMD if this would work and if I could plug in my Beobob Zoe controller at a trade show. They denied my request. I guess they got it working…?

  • No @CFreak i have the BMCC EF and I can pull focus, change iris and start/stop via LANC :) Too bad it's not possible with the GH4 :(

  • Is it 100% not possible? , power zoom and start stop def work over panasonic lanc with the gh4 where they did not with the gh3 I was wondering the same about focus and but haven't got anything to test with just the zoom and start stop recording which does work

  • I know this is an old post, but the remote port has 2 functions coming in: FOCUS and REC. My question is, can you reassign the focus to something else? I'm using a B4 lens via adapter so FOCUS is not used. I'm wondering if I can assign FOCUS to some other function that would be more useful?

  • I do not think it is about focusing, as I understand I is just AF command.

    Is this function of new firmware? As I do not remember hearing anything about it.

  • bumping, as I am interested as well in knowing if this is a new function in a recent firmware. if we could have focus via remote with native lenses on GH4, this would open so many opportunities. Also, somewhat related, does anyone have a breakout schematic of the contacts on the bottom of the GH4 - the 18 that the GH3 has and shared by battery grip, and the additional 5 that only that YAGH uses and only on the GH4?

  • Something like aputure dec might work? anyone tried

  • The issue is that traditional Panasonic lanc protocol utilizes the 2.5mm port for recording stop/start and zoom control. Panny utilizes a second port on some camcorders (3.5mm) that controls both iris and focus. You can see the two separate cables and their respective ports here in these product pics:

    The GH4 only has the 2.5mm zoom/start stop remote port, so I don't think we'll be seeing anything via firmware unless it is a new remote focus feature delivered through the wifi app (a long shot at best).

  • The Lanc I use with my gimbal allows me to trigger the half shutter auto focus for refocusing during shot. Bought cheap one of eBay about 5 quid

  • Link please . :-)

  • Did any company ever come out with something? The wifi app proves it must be possible just need a better control like a rotating dial.