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Ptools 3.62 videos
  • We look a lot at streamparser, and shoot a lot of trees, and all of that is very, very important, but at a certain point, we mustjust watch what the camera can and can't do, and develop an intuitive sense what lights, situations, subjects, angles, etc it is most happy with.

    Want to see other people's best test videos with the latest hack and start to understand more about the character of the unchained gh2. Please post!
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  • Post this on low GOP forum, but to get things rolling, here's one:

  • 176 GOP1 V1

    176 GOP V3(please download from vimeo for best results since it isnt in HD on Vimeo)
  • Nice! Thanks Perry. Pretty good dynamic range -- not S-Log, I know, but way better than base, especially considering compression usually kills a stop anyway.

    Auto WB? (Should have mentioned it but one of the things I want to look at the video is the nuance of colour representation -- weirdly, I find my gh2 is hot in some situations and overly green in the others.
  • please given details video like ISO, lens,range, SS, F, WB, etc.
  • Both videos 75mm f/1.9 Elitar Soligon (C-Mount AMAZING GLASS), no vignette, ISO 160, custom wb, 1/50th
  • About a week ago got on GH2 bandwagon. Hack it the same day it got here. Tried to run Kae's GOP3 but the card (Transcend Class 8) wasn't up to par. SandDisk is still in the mail. A quick video I am posting was shot using mpgxsvcd' 42 mb/sec 1080p AQ = 4 settings. Completely stable on class 8 card. Lenses: Canon FD 28mm 2.8, 85mm 1.8
    Also big thanks to Vitaly and all the hard work by stonebat cbrandin driftwood mpgxsvcd and the rest of the testers and contributors. You guys are amazing.
  • I use 100 bitrate ,carl zeiss contat yasica lenl 50mm 1.7 ,gop 3 AQ 4 and fader nd filter mark2.
    i shot at 2.8 .Romeria in torremolinos malaga ,spain
  • Thanks Vitaliy. Is it cool to keep this threat going exclusively for the latest hack footage? Gonna watch through the other stuff though too. Cheers!
  • Can someone please tell me where to download PTools 3.62d?

  • Driftwood 176 v2. Pancake 20. Also, played around with motion tracking and 3D Stroke on the third clip:

  • @Hallvalla thanks! -- this patch is incredible. Did you adjust colours at all, either in the camera, or in the edit? Any recollection what you were WB to?
  • Only color correction was desaturating the greens, and boosting contrast a touch. Started to do a more heavy cc, but realized it didn't need it - love this camera+patch. Auto WB.

    Smooth -2 all. 60 shutter.

  • cbrandin's 66mm GOP12 AQ2, no color correction or post done. Shot in standard (0, 0, 0, 0)

  • Gop1 176mbit ,nostalgic ,20mm lumix 1.7 , final cut x and magic bullet mojo.
  • @inhousegoods Really loved this. Nice variety of shots but mainly, lovely image quality.
  • @inhousegoods Nice stuff! I love it. What lens did you use?