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External battery solutions for GH4
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  • How is my GH4 working at 8.8v then?

  • I honestly don't know. Are you measuring the voltage at the output end of your regulator with a voltmeter AND with the camera turned off? I will have to say there is something weird because I just measured my output again and at 10.95V, my GH4 flickers between battery and no-battery.. so it's still saying not enough power. At 11.35V, the camera thinks I am in AC mode

  • And also at 8.8V, do you have the battery indicator turned on? Also do you have a European or NA model? (I'm not sure if there is any difference.. but just curious)

  • I just measured the output of the ac unit running off the mains, and not when it was plugged into the camera - it seemed sensible to replicate that voltage reading. Mines a European unit, but I can't imagine that would make any difference. All my kit is at work, but I wouldn't expect your voltage levels to be that high. Weird.

  • Mystery solved. My multimeter was giving off completely wrong readings. Now I can say with confidence that at 8.8V, the battery indicator light comes on and then camera will shut down. At 9.0V, the camera thinks it is in AC mode and all is well.

  • Just about to buy a DC adapter for the GH4. Do you guys happen to know what size DC plug (male) I will need to connect to the Panasonic DMW-DCC12? I am planning on passing it through a dc buck converter as suggested (shouldn't lose too much energy).

  • I'm looking at buying a rail-mounted power solution for my GH4 shoulder rig, preferably with support for V-lock batteries. Lanparte makes a nice one that also comes with an HDMI splitter (not something I need, but I like multi-functional gear), but it's 7.4V. Is this enough to power my GH4?

    edit -- see 2nd image, apparently they've made a 7.2v, 8.4v, and 7.4v version. I can only find the 7.4v version on eBay now.

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  • After reading up on the advantages of Anton Bauer vs. V-Mount, I decided I'd prefer an Anton Bauer battery plate. The good news is that Lanparte makes that same item in Anton Bauer, and it has an 8.4v out instead of 7.4v.

    So the lingering question is, does the GH4 take 8.4v via the DC coupler?

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  • I have already made some solutions that will work with DC couplers and any voltage 3-30V as input ... Have some ready boxes left ...

  • @sangye - read the post. It's all there.

  • @mrbill - thanks. I don't want to use bulky or messy voltage converters, I just want an all-in-one system that'll power my GH4, a 12V monitor or EVF, and preferably also my Tascam DR-60D via 5V USB.

  • Then you need a v-lock adapter with an appropriate output for the gh4? If you read this post, you'll see that the adapter you like may not output a compatible voltage

  • just oredered one of these from japan £100 hope there good.

  • gah typical , :( :( now bookmarked

  • just received this but unfortunately the battery coupler will not fit inside the battery grip only the camera body, even though I was told it would fit ( seems like Panasonic when they made the grip they switched the side the cable exits )

  • Does anyone know, what is the maximum power input of the GH4? My battery goes from 25.2V down to 21V (during usage). Like this I can plug it stright into a bmpcc. But what about the GH4? will it take it? will it blow?