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Thin Crust - Short Film shot on a hacked GH2
  • Hi, just finished my first short film, tell me what you think!


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  • 4 min in, nothing happens. I'm sure there is a clever twist at the very end, but why should invest 10 more minutes waiting for it. I might not even find it that clever. I hope you see my point.

  • Not bad. Pretty good for a first! Some minor issues here and there and on the overall I do think you could have made it more concise, which I guess is what @radikalfilm is getting at.. (still, with air / time for it to breathe) You could have been more efficient in producing the mood or subtext you wanted by removing shots that were not great / didn't build the scene. There were a few that seemed to confuse what was happening rather than the other way around. The actor had a glance into the camera I believe at one point and I don't think the opening scene is strong enough; it takes too long to get into this guys conundrum and the angle sort of awkward. However, I like how it develops, the strange pizza guy and the open end.

    Light felt a little unbalanced at times.. which is only a technical issue so don't worry about it too much.

    Keep at it!

  • I think it was shot very well for a first short - made me marvel again at what the GH2 can produce. I liked the grading. Did you use a stabilizer with the outdoor shots? I liked the movement in those.

  • @or2512 Looks great. What hack setting, lenses and camera settings did you use?

  • @tinyrobot Yeah, for the outdoors I used a steadicam. @matt_gh2 Intravenus 2, Pentacon 29mm and 50mm, smooth all -2 except for saturation 0.


  • Nice, but the look is overflatten to my eyes. It looks like a film before post editing, blown out. At least I've never seen such a final look.

  • @or2512 Hilarious because I also shoot IV2 all -2 with Sat at 0, and use a 28mm and 50mm lens. I use Lomos, but like the look of the Pentacon here.

    Did you do much color grading, or was this straight from the camera?