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any ring light recommendations?
  • subject says it all. thanks guys

    I hope I can soon give a review of the Scorpion lights...

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  • I've never used it but the F&V R-300 ring light seems to get some good reviews both on and off lens.

  • exactly that one made my list so I propably get it...thanks.

  • I have the F&V lights they are small compact and work out great. Highly recommended.

  • F&V for sure. Not sure if anyone else matches their light quality at their price.

  • I have the F&V 300 and I like the light it produces. One thing I don't like is that there's no obvious way to adjust the angle, so it's always at 90% to the floor. The only way I have of changing this that I know is using a few adapters together that add to the weight and trouble. The actual adaptor that is provided with the light is is bulky and unnecessarily so (unless you use it on a camera instead of a lightstand, which I don't), and yet it uses nonstandard threads so you'll have to DIY it if you want to change that out.