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Directors veiwfinder for 2.66.1 aspect
  • Hi everyone,

    I been lurking, but not participating for some time due to work commitments, so hello again, my question is regarding directors viewfinders, I have a old isco model, which will do all the usual video/film formats up to 2:35:1 anamorphic, and when the finder is set to 2:35, it looks pretty long and slim as you would expect, but I have a project on the boil at the moment which will be shot with a Bolex Moller 1.5x anamorphic lens mounted on a 50mm pancake Nikkor, which when un-squeezed gives me a 2:66:1 aspect, and on the timeline looks pretty good in as much as the subject matter looks the right proportions, so my question is can you get a directors viewfinder in 2:66:1 format? I can see that Kish produced what they called a standard model that would allow for 2:35:1 and 2:55:1 which seems odd as 2:55:1 by all accounts was discontinued very quickly, I could just view locations and just guestimate the extra field of view, but it would be nice to get fairly close to what the lens would be seeing, I have always thought the Directors viewfinder a bit of a posers item, but so far not having to carry my FS100 around in some fairly rough agricultural areas has been very handy for scopeing out locations, and the isco does a good job, but if it went to to 2:55:1 it would be better, although I can find any images showing the actual difference between 2:35:1 and 2:55:1. all help greatly appreciated

    ps, if you think I might get a better reply rate by putting this posting in another section, let me know