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    How Japanese camera companies survived
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      Very old thing - privatization of profits and nationalization of debt.

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    US: Changes to Full Retirement Age
    • Every worker’s dream is to enjoy a secure retirement. As the bells ring in the New Year, they also bring changes for new Social Security retirement beneficiaries. Full retirement age is 66 and two months for people born 01/02/1955 through 01/01/1956. They are eligible to receive permanently reduced retirement benefits when they turn 62 in 2017.

      Full retirement age is the age at which a person first becomes entitled to full (unreduced) retirement benefits. It had been 65 for many years. However, beginning with people born in 1938 that age has been gradually increasing until it reaches 67 for people born in 1960 and later.

      As the full retirement age continues to increase, there are greater reductions in benefits if you claim them before you reach full retirement age. For example, if you apply for benefits in 2017 at age 62, your monthly benefit amount will be reduced nearly 26 percent.”

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    Why is it so hard to swat a fly?
    • Animals see the world around them like a continuous video. But in reality, they piece together images sent from the eyes to the brain in distinct flashes a set number of times per second. Humans average 60 flashes per second, turtles 15, and flies 250.

      Flies' eyes evolved to pick up light with a series of tiny string-like structures that lie horizontal to the path that light travels through the eye. These structures react to light mechanically whereas vertebrates have long tube-like cells facing the light, with chemicals that react to light at the base. It's more sensitive in terms of being able to give a large signal to the tiniest amount of light and it can also respond faster than the rods and cones in the vertebrate eye.

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    UK: Millennials spend three times on housing
    • Millennials are spending three times more of their income on housing than their grandparents yet are often living in worse accommodation, says a study launched by former Conservative minister David Willetts that warns of a “housing catastrophe”.


      The generation currently aged 18-36 are typically spending over a third of their post-tax income on rent or about 12% on mortgages, compared with 5%-10% of income spent by their grandparents in the 1960s and 1970s. Despite spending more, young people today are more likely to live in overcrowded and smaller spaces, and face longer journeys to work – commuting for the equivalent of three days a year more than their parents.

      A young family today has to save for 19 years on average to afford a typical deposit compared with three years for the previous generation, the report states.

    6 comments 7 comments Vitaliy_KiselevSeptember 2017Last reply - September 2017 by Vitaliy_Kiselev Subscribe to this blog
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    Ebay hits new low
    • Sellers are liable for fees arising out of all sales made using some or all eBay Services, even if sales terms are finalized or payment is made outside of eBay.

      Sellers are also liable for final value fees if they offer or reference their contact information, or ask for a buyer’s contact information, in the context of buying or selling outside of eBay, even if the item does not sell.

      And you asked where they need AI? :-)

      Always contact small and medium legit sellers and try to buy outside ebay.

    11 comments 12 comments Vitaliy_KiselevSeptember 2017Last reply - September 2017 by CFreak Subscribe to this blog
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    Propaganda: Trump to denounce imperialism, kind of
    • President Donald Trump’s first address to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday will lay out a foreign policy rooted in his view of nationalism and sovereignty and anchored by “America First” principles, according to a senior White House official.

      This is weird way to say - "no more imperialism".

      Mr. Trump will call for more burden sharing and cooperation considering fight on terrorism, North Korea’s nuclear and military threat, and Iran’s adherence to a multinational nuclear deal. He is expected also to address the crisis in Venezuela.

      Wait. It was just blink of an eye and imperialism is back in full glory.

      The address will combine the nationalistic theme of his campaign with an appeal to the nationalism of other countries as a new basis for international cooperation, the senior official said.

      I literally see results of this "cooperation"


      “It will be a foreign policy that is driven by outcomes, not by ideologies,” the official said.

      Something old here. No need for "isms",... blink...., we are all here live in capitalism.

      So big amount of brain shit. Mr. Trump implement in him worst what you can find in capitalists.

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