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    Bad design: Some of PD power supplies are dangerous
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      Xiaomi GaN Type-C 65W, one of adapters with issue.

      Some of PD adapters (if not most of them) have special small firmware that is being written via usual USB-C port they have.

      It also define voltages and other stuff.

      Issue is that some adapters allow reprogramming this by writing new firmware via computer using same USB-C cable.

      Such way voltages can be changed and adapter will be able to fry equipment as it will supply wrong, higher voltage, to device.

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    Bad design: Notebooks with additional screen on keyboard
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      Most interesting is how all this originates. As notebook usually is being made up on managers meeting with graphical designers.
      After this poor Taiwanese ODM try to make something workable using as base bad design sketches and 3D renders.

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    Coronavirus: Short and clear FAQ
    • Note! Above is not medical advice, just my personal opinion based on around 200 papers I checked.

      Is it so dangerous?

      Is you are healthy young person without any complications - not much.
      Otherwise - may be, no one clearly knows, thanks for mass media hysteria it is very hard to dig through dirt of info.
      Check our main topic to dig more -

      What is best protection?

      Good half or full face mask, or at least N95 respirators with valve.
      Good protection glasses are optional, can be useful if you are frequent in crowded spaces (or one of the below categories).
      You don't need gloves until you are in retail, pharmacy or medic.

      Check more at

      Social distancing works?

      Nope. Most of it is bad academic science thats becoming bullshit in real life.
      For it to work properly you need 4 meters spacing, no wind, no movement. Does not happen.
      Worse of all - it makes false safety feeling.

      Self isolation works, is it sane?

      It works, but very badly. Goes against all Epidemiology science, at least in the way it is impemented now.
      All it does is slow virus spread a little. Plus kill economics. Its is even doubtful that it saves any life.
      Can be that it kills more due to panic and lack of medical help for other categories.
      None of goverments actually supply you with proper protection instead of illusive safety of self isolation.

      What goverment waiting for?

      They wait for hot summer sun that will certainly slow virus very much. Not kill completely, but reduce new infections, alot.

      Did it originate from lab?

      Most probably. State of control in virus research now completely nuts, with lot of labs making new highly dangerous viruses for just fun, without much control and oversee.

      Can check

      What we are observing now?

      Infantilism. Goverment speaks with people like bad drunk parents with their small children.
      Children are very surprised that parents care for them suddenly.
      It is very strange care as they do not provide any means for real protection.
      Knowing their parents, children to avoid parents "smart" guidlines, as every small children do usually.

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    PV Lab - On hot air stations, Atten ST-862D, one that I use presently

      Few thing I want to add to Louis review.

      Atten is not knockoff, just use simialar styled design that is MUCH better. Inside it is different.


      • It has button on the handle contrary to Quick
      • It is compatible to almost any nozzless, contrary to Quick (and they are MUCH cheaper)
      • It has important settings tha Quick lacks (like behaviour of station as you put handle on the rest)
      • Top of it is flat, contrary to Quick.
      • Buttons are much nicer
      • it is smaller, giving you additional space (add to this flat top - and it is big advantage)
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    Good quote: On Apple and Microsoft charity
    • When certain sorts of people do a sizable good deed, we credit them up a thousand-fold more for it than we would in the case of a better man-on account of the strain. You stand far away above your classification-record here, because of certain self-sacrifices of yours which greatly exceed what could have been expected of you. Years ago, when you were worth only $100,000, and sent $2 to your impoverished cousin the widow when she appealed to you for help, there were many in heaven who were not able to believe it, and many more who believed that the money was counterfeit. Your character went up many degrees when it was shown that these suspicions were unfounded. A year or two later, when you sent the poor girl $4 in answer to another appeal, everybody believed it, and you were all the talk here for days together. Two years later you sent $6, upon supplication, when the widow’s youngest child died, and that act made perfect your good fame. Everybody in heaven said, “Have you heard about Andrew?”-for you are now affectionately called Andrew here. Your increasing donation, every two or three years, has kept your name on all lips, and warm in all hearts. All heaven watches you Sundays, as you drive to church in your handsome carriage; and when your hand retires from the contribution plate, the glad shout is heard even to the ruddy walls of remote Sheol, “Another nickel from Andrew!”

      But the climax came a few days ago, when the widow wrote and said she could get a school in a far village to teach if she had $50 to get herself and her two surviving children over the long journey; and you counted up last month’s clear profit from your three coal mines-$22,230- and added to it the certain profit for the current month-$45,000 and a possible fifty-and then got down your pen and your check-book and mailed her fifteen whole dollars! Ah, Heaven bless and keep you forever and ever, generous heart! There was not a dry eye in the realms of bliss; and amidst the hand-shakings, and embracings, and praisings, the decree was thundered forth from the shining mount, that this deed should out-honor all the historic self-sacrifices of men and angels, and be recorded by itself upon a page of its own, for that the strain of it upon you had been heavier and bitterer than the strain it costs ten thousand martyrs to yield up their lives at the fiery stake; and all said, “What is the giving up of life, to a noble soul, or to ten thousand noble souls, compared with the giving up of fifteen dollars out of the greedy grip of the meanest white man that ever lived on the face of the earth?”

      M. Twain. Report from the Recording Angel.

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    Monopolies: Google will also use their own CPUs
    • Google has made significant progress toward developing its own processor to power future versions of its Pixel smartphone as soon as next year — and eventually Chromebooks as well, Axios has learned.

      The move could help Google better compete with Apple, which designs its own chips. It would be a blow to Qualcomm, which supplies processors for many current high-end phones, including the Pixel.

      The chip, code-named Whitechapel, was designed in cooperation with Samsung, whose state-of-the-art 5-nanometer technology would be used to manufacture the chips, according to a source familiar with Google's effort. Samsung also manufactures Apple's iPhone chips, as well as its own Exynos processors.

      In recent weeks, Google received its first working versions of the chip. However, the Google-designed chips aren't expected to be ready to power Pixel phones until next year. Subsequent versions of Google's chip could power Chromebooks, but that's likely to be even further off.

      In addition to an 8-core ARM processor, Whitechapel will also include hardware optimized for Google's machine-learning technology. A portion of its silicon will also be dedicated to improving the performance and "always-on" capabilities of Google Assistant, the source said.

      This is why monopolies must be exterminated.

      As first they start killing competition using any means possible.
      Next they stop providing any service info, start to close everything fast.
      Next they fully neglect modular approach making everything unrepairable and with their own protocols and interfaces.
      Andf on last step all main LSI chips are being replaced to proprietary closed solutions.

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    Bad design: Chip-on-Wafer-on-Substrate packaging for modern chips
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      This is real disaster waiting to happen, as such construction behaviour is very complex during thermal stresses, probability of failure (lack of contact in any of small balls) is around 10x more compared to ordinary modern chips package. And with age it'll rise very fast. Completely unrepairable.

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    Capitalism: Where Google's Alphabet comes from?
    • Actually it is not so hard to see origin of this.

      ADM, Bunge, Cargill and Dreyfus - leading grain trader companies that hold more than 75% of market.

      They are frequently called ABCD or... Alphabet.

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