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    Energy: France to have big issues due to nuclear closures
    • Macron said 14 of EDF’s 58 nuclear reactors would be closed by 2035, including four to six before 2030, two in 2027-28 and possibly two in 2025-26 if this does not jeopardise the security of power supply.

      Something is up, as closing them means big real issues to all sectors.

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    Capitalism: Crypto scam victims paid for 7nm TSMC process
    • TSMC is set to experience a revenue decline of as much as 16% sequentially in the first quarter of 2019, due to a further weakening demand for cryptocurrency mining ASICs and GPUs.

      From this number drop of income related to mining is around 70%, but note that before latest iPhone chips manufacturing and on the top of bubble it had been much more. So crypto scam made by media had been used to add billions of dollars of victims money to allow at least one capitalist company to reach 7nm.

      Crypto scam seems to be complex media scheme involving hundreds of media sources tightly coordinated that had been used to finance both Nvidia and AMD during hard times and fully pay for new products design and equipment, as well as force people to pay for TSMC necessary modernization. Another sort of people who paid for this are users of Apple products, another kind of marketing victims.

      It'll be interesting to see how things will unwind as in coming years we can see biggest ever degradation and lack of any progress.

    2 comments 3 comments Vitaliy_KiselevNovember 27Last reply - November 28 by Vitaliy_Kiselev Subscribe to this blog
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    Capitalism: GM wants to scale down to free market for Tesla
    • General Motors will no longer make the plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt, ceasing production on March 1st, 2019. The news comes as part of a wider plan by GM to slash car production in North America and halt production of several low-selling brands.

      GM plans to close several plants:

      1. Oshawa Assembly in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.
      2. Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly in Detroit.
      3. Lordstown Assembly in Warren, Ohio.
      4. Baltimore Operations in White Marsh, Maryland.
      5. Warren Transmission Operations in Warren, Michigan.
      6. In addition to the previously announced closure of the assembly plant in Gunsan, Korea, GM will cease the operations of two additional plants outside North America by the end of 2019 — in Oshawa, Ontario; Detroit, Michigan; and Warren, Ohio — putting the future of those plants in doubt.

      An estimated 14,000 factory workers and white-collar employees stand to lose their jobs.

      It is also expected that Nissan-Renault will have announcements coming within month or two.

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    PV Prediction: Apple going out of notebooks market
    • image

      On some markets drop reached around 40% compared to year ago.

      Dealers expect Apple to target super premium rich owners niche in 2019, and move to ARM proprietary solution in around 2020.
      In 2019 apple will have few price hikes on notebooks accompanied with more significant service price hikes and restrictions.
      It is also expected that FCP X will have another major overhaul making it more like FCP X 10 II by removing many features and adding special simplified mode made ala iPad apps for rich casual users. As this version will also work on top of the line iPad Pros at the time (due to move to new iOS like OS for Macs).

    8 comments 9 comments Vitaliy_KiselevNovember 26Last reply - December 4 by Vitaliy_Kiselev Subscribe to this blog
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    Capitalism: Bloodbath on crypto currency market continues, and it is good
    • image

      It is very good for video guys, as it means lot of used 1060-1080 Ti cards on the market.

      Watch out and learn how to check used card.

    5 comments 6 comments Vitaliy_KiselevNovember 25Last reply - December 8 by Vitaliy_Kiselev Subscribe to this blog
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    Capitalism: Canada post strike
    • In the event of Canada Post strike activity, China Post has decided to stop accept any packages to Canada. The package sent via China Post will be delayed, thus, we encourage the buyer to choose the Express services. We apologize for the inconvenience.


      The Senate may take the rare step of sitting on the weekend in order to deal with emergency legislation to get Canada Post workers back on the job. It’s all the more urgent as the busiest shopping period of the year starts Friday.

      Watch will of ruling class becoming law.

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