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    Google Global Censorship, step by step explained
    • Step 0. Establish effective monopoly in browsers, mobile OS and search. Make proper private agreements with other browser makers.

      Step 1. Whine about horrible hackers and super importance for HTTPS for each and every site (not ones that really need it!). Pay for publications on all leading media.

      Step 2. Organize provocations to push both largest free certificate providers out of business. Done now.

      Step 3. Make free service that you effectively own to be one and only issuer of free certificates. Thanks to previous step it is easy. Pay media again.

      Step 4. Start penalizing sites who do not use HTTPS, do same for sites lacking mobile versions (as mobile OS income is very important for you!). Btw, according to current law it is already monopoly uncompetitive behavior crime, yet prostitute media prize it.

      Step 5. Introduce special mark "Not secure" for non HTTPs sites.

      Step 6. Mark becoming red and in next two months browser start to offer to not open site with big red warning page.

      Step 7. After short pause, major advertisers (owned by same people as google!) demand from google to do something with "extremist content, improper political views, fake news and everyone they do not like".

      Step 8. All improper sites are being excluded from google search, Chrome refuse to open any of them, and also all certificate authorities cancel their certificates and refuse to provide new ones that stops sites being opened in all other major browsers.

      We now approaching step 5 (step 6 is announced!), and step 7 is developing already see previous post in Blog. Discussions about some things from step 8 becoming norm in major media in US and EU.

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    Advertising based censorship spreads from Youtube
    • According to research firm Pivotal, Facebook and Google accounted for 73% of all digital advertising in the US in 2017.

      Add here Amazon and few other big guys and it'll be almost 95%.

      Unilever has threatened to withdraw ads from platforms like Google and Facebook if they do not do enough to police extremist and illegal content. "We cannot have an environment where our consumers don't trust what they see online," said Unilever's chief marketing officer Keith Weed. He said it was in the interest of digital media firms to act before "advertisers stop advertising". Mr Weed said companies could not continue to support an online advertising industry where extremist material, fake news, child exploitation, political manipulation, racism and sexism were rife.

      To translate it to normal language - owners of Unilever who re also owners of top advertising firm publically demand (as it is just play for public) to make (and improve later) censorship tools for all social media, as well for private external sites (Google will pull all advertisement if they won't like your content).

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    Camera Sales: Canon and same marginal policy
    • image

      All the same that we see across Japanese companies.

      Less money spent on development, less models, much higher margins (on some models they tripled margins!).

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    Camera Sales: Olympus stuck with high margins
    • image

      Olympus as some other companies now face consequences of their high margins policy.

      Lot of cameras stuck unsold in dealers places. Thanks to tight price controls they failed to sell good in 3rd quarter.

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    GPU Sales: NVidia also robbing you
    • image


      Best progress is due to miners and rising cards cost.

      Second biggest gain is due to ban on using more affordable cards in datacenters.

    5 comments 6 comments Vitaliy_KiselevFebruary 9Last reply - February 10 by joethepro Subscribe to this blog
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    Focal plane and heavy rape of journalist mind
    • Most headset lenses have a focal point, which is why you have to fiddle with knobs and dials after you put on the VR gear to get to everything in focus. The ones in Zeiss's headset have a focal plane, meaning that as soon as you put on the headgear, you're ready to dive into your VR experience -- no further adjustments necessary.

      Poor Engadged journalist who wrote

      This is how heavy raping looks.

    2 comments 3 comments Vitaliy_KiselevFebruary 8Last reply - February 8 by Vitaliy_Kiselev Subscribe to this blog
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