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    The Capitalism Delusion: Genius and Idealism
    • Fun little film, with naïve and wrong explanations.

      Pushing idea of lonely genius and revelation comes from idealism.
      And idealism lies in foundation of every exploiter class views.
      Idealism is opposite to materialism and thus to science.
      Yet capitalists ruling class can't survive without idealism, hence it pushes it even with great damage of progress.
      Ruling class try to buy himself slightly more time by any means possible.

    10 comments 11 comments Vitaliy_KiselevFebruary 13Last reply - February 15 by caveport Subscribe to this blog
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    UK starts to use AI to look for wrong thoughts
    • Home Office has developed its own AI program that can detect Islamic State (IS) propaganda online with a 99.99 percent success rate.

      The technology works by analyzing video content during the upload process, preventing it from reaching the internet in the first place -- a vast improvement on the average 36 hours it takes tech firms to remove extremist content, and an improvement still on the two-hour-limit the UK government demanded last year. According to the Home Office, it automatically detects 94 percent of IS propaganda with 99.99 percent accuracy and will be made available to all internet platforms, particularly smaller sites such as Vimeo and pCloud, which have seen an increase in IS propaganda. According to the Home Office, IS supporters used more than 400 unique online platforms to spread propaganda in 2017.

      Jus remember that IS (created and sponsored by same who fight it) is used as test primer. Very soon this thing will start to work on real targets.

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    More robots
    2 comments 3 comments Vitaliy_KiselevFebruary 13Last reply - February 13 by bwhitz Subscribe to this blog
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    Google Global Censorship, step by step explained
    • Step 0. Establish effective monopoly in browsers, mobile OS and search. Make proper private agreements with other browser makers.

      Step 1. Whine about horrible hackers and super importance for HTTPS for each and every site (not ones that really need it!). Pay for publications on all leading media.

      Step 2. Organize provocations to push both largest free certificate providers out of business. Done now.

      Step 3. Make free service that you effectively own to be one and only issuer of free certificates. Thanks to previous step it is easy. Pay media again.

      Step 4. Start penalizing sites who do not use HTTPS, do same for sites lacking mobile versions (as mobile OS income is very important for you!). Btw, according to current law it is already monopoly uncompetitive behavior crime, yet prostitute media prize it.

      Step 5. Introduce special mark "Not secure" for non HTTPs sites.

      Step 6. Mark becoming red and in next two months browser start to offer to not open site with big red warning page.

      Step 7. After short pause, major advertisers (owned by same people as google!) demand from google to do something with "extremist content, improper political views, fake news and everyone they do not like".

      Step 8. All improper sites are being excluded from google search, Chrome refuse to open any of them, and also all certificate authorities cancel their certificates and refuse to provide new ones that stops sites being opened in all other major browsers.

      We now approaching step 5 (step 6 is announced!), and step 7 is developing already see previous post in Blog. Discussions about some things from step 8 becoming norm in major media in US and EU.

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