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    Lithium battery prices follow DRAM and flash
    • The sources pointed out that the 18650 battery cores' prices had gone up during the first half of 2017 and with the price increases in September, notebook firms are expected to see their battery costs rise 10-20%.

      As for lithium polymer batteries, the sources pointed out that the batteries' quotes have already increased by 20% recently.

      Lithium pricing has also increased by 60% since 2016 and with electric vehicles expected to reach shipments of two million units by 2017 and 9-20 million by 2020, the lithium pricing is unlikely to see any decline for the next three years and may result in further hikes in notebook battery prices.

    5 comments 6 comments Vitaliy_KiselevAugust 14Last reply - August 15 by Adam_Mercier Subscribe to this blog
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    Baojun E100 small electric car
    • image


      around 155 km travel on battery

      35 800 Yuan

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    Propaganda: Trumps way
    • Reminder. Elected as someone who promised peace and idea to focus on US economic issues.

      In one week proposed:

      • Preemptive strike on North Korea
      • US invasion in Venezuela
      • Start trade war with China

      This is now objective requirements of US imperialism differ with sweet idealist proposals.

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    Good quote: On World Revolution
    • ‘And what about your World Revolution?’ I said ‘it is all over now, is it not, and it has been a criminal nonsense – a conspiracy against freedom and peace from the very beginning…?’ At that time, let us remember, it looked very much as if Germany would triumph over Russia. He kept quiet for a while, just sitting there on his heap of straw, still fiddling with his mouth-organ. I would have been satisfied, had he shown me some anger. And when he raised himself very slowly and came to the wall to look me straight into my eyes, I could see that he was very agitated indeed. His voice was calm, though with a shade of sadness and disappointment, but not for himself – but for me. ‘Genry!’, he said: ‘You told me all about your life, you come as I do from the poor, the working people. You are friendly enough and not stupid – but on the other hand you are very stupid because you have learnt nothing from your life. I can clearly see that your brainwashers have done a very successful job on you for you have swallowed so totally the propaganda fed into your mind. What is so very tragic is that you are supporting ideas which by their very nature are directed against your own fundamental interests and which have made you a willing, sad tool in their evil hands. The World Revolution is ongoing history. Even if you win the war, which I don’t think you will, the World Revolution will not and cannot be stopped by military means. Your very powerful army can do much harm to us, can kill many of our people – but it cannot kill ideas! Its movement might seem dormant to you at the moment, but it is there and will come to the fore again out of the awakening of the poor, the downtrodden ordinary people the world over in Africa, the Americas, in Asia and Europe too. People in their masses will one day understand that it is the power of capital over them which not only oppresses and robs them, but stifles their human potential, which either uses or discards them as mere pawns to make monetary profits out of them. Once the people grasp that idea, it will mature into an almost material force in popular uprisings like spreading wildfires and will do what has to be done in the name of humanity. It will not be Russia who will do it for them, although the Russian working people were the first who have broken the chains. The people of the world will do it for themselves in their own countries, against their own oppressors, in their own ways and in their own time!

      “His outburst gave me no chance to interrupt and it allowed no argument. Even though he had spoken quietly, it shook me to the core. Nobody had ever touched a chord of understanding in me that way and I felt naked and defenseless. And to give me the final knock, he pointed to my rifle, saying that ‘that thing’ could do nothing against his ideas. ‘And if you think that you have the intellectual capacity to respond to me meaningfully’, he concluded, ‘please don’t use any of your silly slogans about country, freedom and God!’

      Boris, Real Communist. 1942.

      From memoirs of Henry Metelmann. Former german soldier.

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