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Suggestion for Memory Card FAQ/topic thread
  • I'm shopping for new memory cards, and getting good info as to which cards work with what patches (and span) has been difficult. One has to sort through several threads and weigh different reports. And with new cards coming, such as the Sony SDXCs and the newer cards for the 4K cameras, it'd be a big help to pull this info together.

    Could we get a dedicated thread, or formal FAQ, going about this? A list of cards, their read/write speeds and general reliability? Names of patches and which cards they work with?

    For example: "Sandisk Extreme Pro 32gb: Form: SDHC Read: 95mbps Write: 90mbps Spans with: basic firmware, Cake 2.3 ( both 24fps and HBR modes) Does NOT span with: MoonT7, quantum v9 Known Issues: