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Micro 4/3 to Nex adapter
  • I found this on ebay and found it to be an interesting adapter for those of you that are thinking about moving from a Micro 4/3's camera to a Nex camera and still want to keep all your lenses and lens adapters.
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  • That's interesting, but I don't see any way to control the iris on the Micro 4/3 lens, since that's done electronically. I guess you would always have to use your lenses wide open. Still, that's better than not being able to use your lenses at all.

    Also, the M4/3 lenses might vignette on the larger Sony sensor. But, we won't know exactly how much until somebody actually tries it.
  • I think he meant the adapter for those FF lenses or APS-C lenses with m43 adapters.
  • Yes, that's the only thing it would be good for. You couldn't even focus a native M 4/3 lens because that requires electronics, too.
  • Yeap. Native m43 lenses... stay in m43 bodies. Selling m43 body would imply selling m43 lenses.
  • There are some manual lenses in the m43 mount like the Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f/0.95 and the Noktor HyperPrine 50mm f/0.95. Lenses like this will work with exception of a slight possible vignette, but like @Ralph_B said "...we won't know exactly how much until somebody actually tries it."

  • some guys video.

    I got this adapter today...with voigtlander vignettes badly...not quite infinity...also adapter is flimsy but I paid less than 10 quid for it.
    Its not worth it.
  • Native m43 lenses stay on m43 bodies :)

    Let the 25mm 0.95 price go down more.
  • looked at my nex and m4/3 adapters the difference is minor , minus the fact the Sony is much larger diameter opening.. so basically this is a shim.. i doubt ill be using micro4/3 on my nex, but all my other legacy lenses work great on nex.. IF companies were diciding a lens mount now id choose sony e mount as its the shallowest largest diameter out at the moment.. for adaptability this is a great feature