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Sound mixing board for use with Premiere Pro CS5?
  • I'm working on several projects where I could get a LOT of mileage of having a hardware sound mixer (sliders, etc.) by my keyboard while I'm editing. Are there any sound mixers that are small, cheap, and interface with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5?

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  • Once in a blue moon I bring out the surface controller (I'm guessing that's what you want)--but never with Premiere. Cheapest is Behringer, and it has Mackie emulation.

  • @DrDave Thanks. Am I correct in guessing that this device can plug into a USB port, and handle the sound faders in Premiere pro?

  • Typically, that is exactly the way it works, in the old days they had a midi interface but now usually USB. You can also train the controller for panning as well as fades, and other options like for punch-ins.

  • @DrDave Sounds good. I guess I'll be pricing out cheap mixers for a while. Thanks for the word.

  • UPDATE: I purchased a Behringer X-Touch mixer for use with Premiere Pro. I had a little trouble setting it up at first, but here are the Control Surface settings to use in Premiere Pro:

    1: Add device "Mackie." As follows: Device Type: Mackie Control MIDI Input: X-touch MIDI Output: Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth 2. Settings: Mackie Control. Edit this as follows: Device Type: Mackie MIDI Input and Output: both X-Touch

    I do NOT know why this worked, but it's what worked for me. I also reprogrammed some of the control buttons.

    (By the way, the device can be of great help in editing multicam: you can assign "Cut to Camera #" commands to the function keys on the board. If we could do this to the buttons on the sliders, it'd be great.)