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Lifting GH3 shadows + Neat Video (gif)
  • The detail the GH3 keeps in the blacks is pretty amazing. Never ceases to amaze me. The noise is so manageable! This was at ISO 800. This is a 100% crop, just a curves adjustment + Neat Video NR. I probably should have pushed it further for the example, but you get the point.


    1000 x 576 - 653K
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  • Wow, looking at this on a matte (anti-glare) monitor, you can barely see the difference in the gif. On my glossy monitor at home, its more apparent. Oh well.

  • you pushed that alot. the more extreme one is probably to much but the middle is a really good example! thanks!

  • What do you mean the more extreme one? The sequence shows:

    (1)Original, (2)Exposure adjusted (no noise reduction), (3)Exposure adjusted (with noise reduction)