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Advice in in the search for a cheap laptop for LightRoom
  • For mobility I need a laptop. My budget is low, no more than $ 400 and as much as $ 500.

    Lightroom is a dragon that literally eats my computer, when I do any operation as simple as it is, I can not do anything else or is very slow, for example if I have an audio or video is choppy. When I export a photo from LR lasts 1-2 minutes, if I want to export to more than 3 times the memory will not let me. As a second option I like to operate Premiere or Vegas editing videos GH2, although this is much to ask.

    Im know that budget I cant find a fast computer, but at least I did not delay much.

    This chart is my current laptop. The processor is obsolete, but 4GB of RAM is acceptable but far from ideal today.

    PS: My experience with HP is not good, do not think it repeat with this brand.


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  • @Manu4Vendetta though not an advice on which laptop computer to buy, this chaotic "article" I wrote sometime ago may have some useful info 10 steps to make Lightroom 4 more responsive on a mac Most of the them if not all apply to Win users too =)

    If not using external monitor, laptop's screen should be good/accurate "enough" to match your output, maybe that's something obvious, nevertheless.