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Is the GH2 hack really improving video quality in normal use (24P and LCD monitor)?
  • This is a bold question. Let me explain. 24P is normally shooted with 1/50s. Motion is then always blurred. LCD monitor blurs motion even more. On the other hand hack is mostly improving moving parts of video. Hack obviously decreases macro blocking and motion artefacts but one can not see the better motion clarity because of those limitations. So slightly better resolution and finer noise is about all benefits of hack unless one uses plasmatv or modern motion optimized LCD TV and then flickering is sometimes a problem. Frame interpolation helps but it introduces additional artefacts. With 24P hack I am not sure if there is no resolution benefits at static scenes anyway.

    GH2 hack improves most the 60i video. Default 17Mbs 60i is full of artefacts and very heavy macroblocking. With a proper hack motion is a very smooth, sharp and artefact free. Horizontal resolution is the same as with 24P and vertical res is a bit worse. Final result is though almost all the time sharper if there is any movement in the scene. But again with normal LCD monitor we loose some of the motion benefits of 60i.

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  • Use search, we had huge amount of tests, discussions on exact this topic.

  • @Vesku i think you are dazed and confused.

  • Motion is then always blurred. LCD monitor blurs motion even more.

    Even at 1,000 fps motion gets a little blurred.

    i think you are dazed and confused.

    Even at 1,000 fps motion gets a little blurred.

    Yes, in your brain:


  • @Vesku

    Topic title is totally confusing, and it does not get better in your explanation.

    What does this have to do with hacked or vanilla GH2 or any other camera in the world, or with cameras at all, for that matter?

    When you do a job and deliver it, someone is gonna watch it on LCD, someone on Plasma, someone on CRT, someone perhaps in DCP theater, someone on their smart refrigerator display, and someone in their poo.

    Are you deliberately or accidentally trolling?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    I have read almost everything about GH2 hack and I have tested several of them. Hack is improving IQ but I havent found any ideas with this LCD monitor perspective. After many years of testing it is maybe time of some general summary of results. This is just a chat for a dull and cold winter day when there is no shooting for me. I am still not joking, this a real question and I dont find answer for it by using search. Can someone help suggesting links to appropriate posts.

  • I reply to this thread cause it is on the top of the list.

    But what's the point of having a better image quality that nobody will notice?

    Vitaliy is a hacker, he likes to break a system. It's his behavior. But a hack won't make you a better filmmaker.

    It's the same for Powel or Driftwood, they make patches because it is fun and challenging for them, not because they will be able to make better movies with these settings.

    You should stop asking questions that are already answered in here, and go back to shoot things and show us the result, anything else is meaningless.

    Have a good one ! :-)

  • @inqb8tr

    Topic title refers to motion softening in normal LCD monitor. It is then difficult to see hack benefits which are mostly in motion rendering. If LCD softens artefacts in motion and slow shutter softens recorded motion there is maybe not demand for high bitrate for motion. I understand that GOP1 needs a lots of bitrate but static scenes are good at 24Mbs too. Can someone show that resolution is better in static scene with hack. In vimeo there is very good quality videos at about 6Mbs 24P. Maybe a very slow motion with sharp frame benefits most of 24P hack.

    Hack helps obviously with cc because there is finer grain and one can dig shadows more. But if you just watch hacked or not hacked straight from file can you see the difference in computer LCD?

    I am a big fan of GH2 hacks and I thank for Vitaliy and others for hard work. It is a bit harsh to ask this kind of question because it may feel an underestimation of peoples hard work for hacks. I have used mostly 60i at bitrate 65-100Mbs and I have been very happy with results. 24P has so many problems for me that I use it mostly indoors or at dim light.

  • @Sulph

    Thanks for reply.

    People are making better movies with hacks, that is sure. I dont want to underestimate Powels or Driftwoods or others hard work. It has been very informative and fun to follow the progress of hacks. I am not a film maker so I see IQ and shooting matters at different perspective. I like sharp and authentic video and motion because I shoot events and sports.

    You should stop asking questions that are already answered in here, and go back to shoot things and show us the result, anything else is meaningless.

    The problem is that I cant come to your home with my plasmatv. It is also difficult to share videos because youtube and vimeo destroys motion.

  • I'm really starting to think you're trolling along with other members. All you do is start topics that really never go anywhere or just start a topic that's been run to death, like this one. Why did you not take the time to do a 5 sec search for this topic and post there?

  • Topic closed as it went completely offtopic and is question had been answered many times.

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