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Cheap HMI lights - Made in germany
  • I found myself in the market for an other lamp. After selling some of my redheads i planned on getting a second arri lamp but ended up getting something better ?

    It amazes me how little talk there is around these lamps on the internet and i think that our forum could be a good place to point people to this option.

    The light i bought was the Hedler Dx15. Its a quality HMi light with built in balast. Weighs about 2-3 kilo and gives about a 650w output for 150w consumption. I love the handle on the back which i find missing on the arri's when they get hot. And the build quality is on par with what you'd expect from german built material.

    I bought the cheapest version being the lamp without fresnel and this one you can get for 450 euro. Fresnel or higher powerd versions cost more.

    Last thing i bought was the umbrella holder which is a cheap way to modify your light.

    565 x 604 - 136K
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  • How is this light working out in actual use? Not much info on the web available. Been thinking about the dx25 with about 1100watt equiv.

  • @shango Had it for half a year now, still going strong. When i need daylight indoors its the light i use, always. I'd give you a go ahead for the DX25 though it has Two lightbulbs i don't know if that will make the shadow less sharp maybe? Remember to buy the french flags if you need them because they aren't in the package. Also when i bought mine i thought the light wouldn't be delivered with the lamp, as is the case with ARRI, but you get them inside already. My bulb hasen't died on me yet but keep in mind that replacing it is kinda costly ! Hope i could help, sorry for the late reply !

  • Interesting... After the next round of commercials, I may pony up the dough for the DX25. Provided, I can find one in the US. HMIs aren't listed on the US Minox site.

  • Yes, I would really love to get some of these. I'm in the USA, and I emailed the German site with no reply. Vitaliy - can you help us get a Personal-View deal and confirm that the daylight lamps can work in the USA?

  • I have high doubts about it. May be get LED Fresnel instead?

  • Minox in the US has them. I've been in email contact.

  • @shango, any reply from Minox yet?

  • Wow! How did you get them to respond - they wouldn't respond to my call or email.

    Would love to buy some !

  • Guys! I'm selling in EU some of my HMI lights at great prices if you mention Personal View !! ;)