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Is anyone planning to hack the DMC-G6 in the next months???
  • Is anyone planning to hack the DMC-G6 in the next months??? So,if not,is there a guide or something so i can help to hack it ? I know programming languages like C++,pascal,assembly...i don't now if i can help..i hope so! Federico.

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  • As far as I'm aware, the hacking team/Vitaly and co are working on the GH3 first off. I don't know where the G6 lands in the list after the GH3 is done, but I imagine it'll be there.

    I'm waiting to see what the G6 can be made into when the hack eventually comes. :)

  • i hope G6 will be hacked soon! :)

    I think an hacked G6 can beat an hacked GH2 !

  • Would a hack ever enable live HDMI out for the G6 or is such a thing impossible to ever achieve with this kind of software hack?

  • @IronFilm

    No. Most probably it is impossible.

  • I don't think it is. When messing with the G6 I found that if you went into the menu and went into a sub menu, like "Custom", the menu would then start to show over HDMI, when it doesn't before. You can then go through ALL of the menu over HDMI after that. I think it was a glitch but it shows that the camera is mostly likely crippled via software.

  • What is the fundamental difference between these Panasonic cameras and what Magic Lantern has access to on Canon cameras? Is there a path just not discovered or will hacking the Panasonic cameras always be limited to tweaking matrices, quantization and compression parameters, because of some firewall that can never be crossed?

  • Unknown. dumping the firmware from devices yields machine level languages, which are hard for humans to decipher easily. It takes a lot of time to figure out how some things work, and a lot of experimentation. We would need to know the differences between what the Canon code output is vs. the panasonic code. From the ease of which Magic Lantern seems to make things work, I'd say that the Canon dump stuff must be easier to deal with, they have source code, or they have some degree of help from Canon.

  • Its simple, panasonic is stupid and think if they release the keys they don t sell their next stupid ibrid camera.

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