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good portable LED light kit
  • Hi everyone,

    I am using a gh3 for my recording.

    I am looking for a solide light kit with led. One Main light like led panel and two additional lights as spots that can be focused.

    Right now I have planed: 2 x dedolight DLED 4.0 1 x limelite mosaic 30 x 30 cm daylight led panel

    You got ans experience?

    Thanks Alex

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  • i like the look of cool lights stuff .... richards a nice guy just to talk to about his product line...

    i also have a z96 which i'm surprisingly happy with (payed 30 quid) and a big bi colour lishuai 1000 bi colour touch screen controllable panel that takes a v mount which is handy on location .however i prefer the way cool lights do the v mount power stations so u can plug into multiple and any one of ur lights ...

  • i like the look of cool lights stuff .... richards a nice guy just to talk to about his product line...

    As far as I know cool lights is just rebrand of one Chinese factory products. Plus it almost lost all market in last two years as almost no advantages of his products remain now.

  • I just took a look today at the new Cool-Lux Led Lights, which I don't believe have been released yet. They're pretty nice, and on their CL1000 1x1 panel they're claiming a 1,000w comparable output at 60w with a non-spikey 95 CRI. I didn't jot down the pricing, but I believe it was around $1000-1200.

    At 5600k on the 1x1, the listed readings are 12,500 lux or 1,200 foot candles at three feet. Pretty bright!

    They also have smaller versions - CL160 (5x4"), CL500 (12x6"), and a larger 1x2.

    The lights (except perhaps the CL160) have the option for V-Mount or AB, and they're going to be selling their own batteries plus chargers as well at a slightly lower price then the comparable version.

  • AS312 on the PV Deals is rather good.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev they are revised versions of chinese stuff yes, but i believe richard puts in a fair wack of time testing and refining the products and doing things that not just improve them overall but also ensure they comply to safety standards etc ... like re wiring his fresnels to ensure their all earthed etc as chinese ones often aren't and sourcing better yokes etc ... the cost is still pretty reasonable all things considered , however this maybe somewhat less relevant for Led stuff.

  • I think the Yongnuo YN300 and YN600 have incredible value for $$ spent. I have the YN300 and it is excellent. The remote is very convenient on a shoot and the light seems to diffuse much more softly than the cheap 160 LED units even though the diode density is higher per square inch/cm. The daylight color balance is also superior (to my eyes anyway).