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Are you a PRO or amateur?
  • There has been talk and feel that this forum is better suited for PRO shooters. I am just curious what is the relative number between PRO/amateur. I am an amateur and I dont do pay jobs. Could you tell your position in this matter?

    Thank you

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  • Definitely amateur.

  • Im Director/ cinematographer. i Work as a pro on publicity have my own company. Its called Sirius Films.

    Begun using GH1 as first equipment Then bought 2 GH2 Ive used this cameras on several pro works. Pepsicola, Donofrio, movistar, Sodimac, MG, Macdonalds, (who recently won a bronze price) KIA, and alot on fashion films for different designers and football teams

    rokinon rules madafakas

    Im now using alexa and Red epic. But i must admit GH2 has this texture and mojo that is not even now matched by any sensor i know and i use it a lot still now, when clients don't want to pay premium.

    All my fashion films i use GH2, its a very personal camera, using a shoulder mount and the viewfinder on camera it has a feeling of integration with your eye brain connection. My neck turns shit but the feeling is grate.

    720 x 540 - 63K
    720 x 540 - 282K
    720 x 540 - 268K
    720 x 540 - 288K
    720 x 480 - 46K
    720 x 480 - 44K
    720 x 480 - 54K
    720 x 480 - 34K
    720 x 540 - 43K
    960 x 641 - 43K
  • 2endotoxic

    Very interesting. I didnt thought that GH2 is so good.

    Situation Pro/amateur: 1/2

  • I work freelance in the creative industry, this is my business:

    Not everything I get paid for has to do with film, perhaps 50% of my income comes from there. Not all of my film work has to do with shooting, either - I've worked in anything from script supervising to production as well. Even if this might qualify me as a "pro" - a lot of the film/video stuff I do has very little hope of financial gain and I don't think it is always in some way different than what other people who see themselves as "amateur" do it.

    I don't necessarily use the word pro only for people who get paid. For me being "pro" means a certain seriousness of your work, that granted, getting paid can enforce. It's about letting personal pettiness aside and get on with it. A pro person can be a asshole just as much as an amateur person, but a pro person will be functional in a work situation. This is the difference for me.

    I honestly don't think qualifying a forum like this into "pro" and "not pro" is helpful based on if people are getting paid. It should be about learning and sharing info and experience. Where you are in the learning curve of shooting shouldn't matter too much. What is important, however, is that people use the forum in a pro manner, so that it is effective and enjoyable for all.

  • I consider myself a semi pro. I do paid gigs, but not full time. Not even part time right now since I'm not with a company anymore. But I have made live broadcasts and DVDs of concerts as DP/director with both national and international musicians and artists. They're not exactly mainstream, but they got a big chunk of loyal fans all over.

    1st AC, compositor/VFX on features, DP, editor, colorist on documentaries, shorts and commercials. Also certified steadicam operator. Let's just say jack of all trades, master of none. I get bored easily and have a hard time making up my mind. Did I mention I'm thinking about taking up ice hockey again after 10 years? xD

  • Oh, and also. If you think that what camera you use has anything to do with being pro or not pro - you are not pro! :)

  • Situation PRO/semipro vs amateur: 3/2

  • Yes camera has nothing to do with pro work or not!!! Its texture an feeling that camera gives and you choose it for exact same reason. Many pro works have been done on DV mini on shitty tape cartridges, and are well made.

  • Definitely amateur.


  • I'm pro, freelance director and lecturer at film faculty.

  • Professional artist. Into video for documentation purposes, and amateur at that.

  • Pro Started about ten years ago working as a PA in the Olympic Games, then slowly became a Production Manager in TV (mainly shows, xfactor, got talent, beauty contests, teasers, etc). After graduating from the Uni (journalism), I went to film school, and then got my MScs in Digital TV Production. I now consult, direct, shoot or edit (depending on the job) mainly TV shows, commercials or Web TV. Still thinking of getting a Phd and becoming an academic, I love researching/training/lecturing.

  • Totally amateur.

  • aspiring amateur

  • I'd say semi pro - primary job is in IT, but I do wedding and commercial work part time on the side. Also attending school to build my skills and network, so one day I can call my self an actual pro :)

  • So far situation: PRO/semipro vs amateur 6 vs 6.

    Thank you for interesting replys.

  • I am between amateur and semi pro, I shoot weddings :)

  • Pro. Primarily picture cutter, some colourist work, some directing - mostly self shooting.

  • Pro. I make my living shooting and editing videos.

    I never was a huge fan of relying on those terms, though. There are certainly "amateurs" on this and other forums who shoot and edit better than I do.

    I suppose amateurs might not have experience dealing with clients and business pressures. That's a whole other kettle of fish.

  • Pro cat shooter here :-)

  • @arnarfjodur - had the best and proper response to the OP's question.

  • I'm a professional killer, this whole filmmaker thing is just my cover.

  • I've moved over from Pro Audio Engineering and owned a 2600 sq ft recording studio. I'm a novice at video IMO, but still a Pro in that I do get paid for doing video locally in the Macon, Georgia area of the U.S. There aren't many who have even my level of skills down here, so for them this is a huge step up in quality from what they could do on their own or in most cases afford. As i've learned more and more it benefits my clients and so I'm going to keep progressing and doing better work.

  • I shoot for money but in my opinion I'm far from being a pro. I will consider myself one when I stop trying to do everything and be brilliant at just one thing =) that and work along side other bloody brilliant people. Catering is a good sign of making the pro level too ha.

  • I'm a amateur but I charge quite a bit for my shoot like the pro. I shoot and edit funeral service in Asia. It's not an auspicious thing to shoot funeral here but the money is quite good. The market has lots of potential if you don't mind the taboo. I see more funerals than weddings.