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K bayonet adapter?
  • I have GH2 and got "Tamron 1:3.8 1:4/210 80-210mm CF TELE MACRO" lens from my fahter. There's also text "103A" which I think is the model number. There's already attached adapter to it, which is according to my father "K bayonet" adapter.

    The external diameter of the "K bayonet" end in the adapter is 44 mm or 1,75 inch.

    I have another lense which is the same size as the "K bayonet". Now where can I get cheap ass adapter "K bayonet to M 4/3" ? I googled a little bit and found this but I'm not 100% certain that it's the correct one.
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  • I received the same adapter as in the link above and it does the job!