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Scaling/cropping workflow
  • If I want to crop some of my shots (1080), should I create a project in 720 and work within that, or can I just crop (scale in Premiere) within a 1080 project and then export to 720?

    Not sure if my question is clear, but basically I want to have the option of doing some tighter shots using my existing concert footage, and am willing to have the final output at 720, but want to know at what stage should I be scaling.


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  • I´ve done that quiet successfully by using your 1st option. 720 sequence and reframe and rescale the 1080. more options and creative freedom, on each shot during editing. did that for concerts too. premiere great quality doing this.

  • Especially the new version of Premiere where they have a new and better scaling algorithm. Resolve also scales beautifully.

  • Cool. Thanks for chiming in with your experience!