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2 M LX and Rapressão
  • Hey PV's =)
    Today I had to re-watch this video for sending it to someone it appears in it. Despite being shot with a 1/2.3" sensor, it's the grade I made for it that "saddens" me more; ok not a drama :P

    As a more positive footnote recently I found Chullage in the subway. He's the guy responsible for the last music; the whole Rapressão (rap{re}pression) album is available for free download -- HERE. This music is a mix of folk portuguese resistance music legend Zeca Afonso (Eles comem tudo) and his own stuff. Chullage himself is an urban icon, was one of the first hip hop artists I listen when I came to Portugal and with no doubt the more social involved one - he runs several social / activist projects. This is second time I approach him, as I already offered my free services to him and his friends some years ago in an african social movements forum. Anyway, so this time I just wanted to tell him that I had used his music in the video and of course to thank him for making freely available. For my total surprise, Chullage said that he had watch the video and then with an open smille he said I´m not selling music anymore, from now on it's gonna be free • gashô

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  • Music at 3:00 was cool. Couldn't understand lyrics/language but it was cool. What was this protest about?

  • I like how everyone seems so happy to be at the protest. What does 'Farta' mean, I saw that on a placard. Friends of mine that were in Lisbon said their favorite restaurant they went to is called "Farta Brutos", which of course sounds amusing in English.

  • @matt_gh2
    Censurados, Sr. Políticos from first LP Feedback 001 - freely translated

    They like a lot to talk
    make an appearance
    on the TV
    to keep the people stupid
    sporting shiny smiles
    They don't say anything new
    posing for the photograph
    smiling at people

    They talk about solutions
    ensuring equality

    And the people is fooled
    loving everyone and each of them
    not seeing the trick
    only eating football and fado (portuguese music)
    And 'cause they don't want to be known
    They cover their eyes never letting be saw

    They talk about solutions
    ensuring equality

    They seem concerned
    full of good intentions
    don't move for anyone
    just want to eat well

    No one knows for sure
    never gets to be spoken
    how much do They earn
    and They spend by the hundreds
    while half dozen
    Fill themselves as pigs
    there's people who are cold
    and with nothing to eat

    They talk about solutions
    ensuring equality

    Like all protest, about love, about wanting some... and people can eventually get violent in this quest ;-)
    Door to -- RATM and Ada Milea one
    Tamos juntos

    @Alienhead... yeah I know, just surreal... this was one of the biggest protests/gathers in recent history, the unofficial sources talk more than half a million, which for this miniature land is absolutely huge, as scale, same people living in Lisbon.

    Farta literally is to be full; it can have 2 meanings though, depending on context:
    Estou farta de ti. It's something terribly beautiful portuguese women say "I'm fed up with you" :P
    Não consigo comer mais, tou farto. "Can't eat anything more, I'm full" - it's more comen to say cheio/a though

    Enfarta brutos is a popular expression, I use it a lot, it means that it can full (normally the bellies) of a brutish guy. Imagine I buy 500grms of cheap chocolate and I called it my enfarta brutos. Something really really good about Portugal is ratio of food and drinks quantity/quality vs cost =)