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Animation, puppetry, and wonder worlds Pot
    Řeči, Řeči, Řeči (Words, Words, Words) • 1991



    Director: Michaela Pavlatová
    Producer: Dagmar Juráková
    Script: Michaela Pavlatová
    Dramaturgy: Jiři Kubíček
    Sound: Ivo Špalj
    Music: Zuzana Navarová / Vít Sázavský
    Editor: Gaia Vítková
    Photography: Jarka Zimová
    Animation: Michaela Pavlatová
    Production Company: Krátký Film

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    Oh Willy... • 2012



    Directors: Emma De Swaef / Marc James Roels
    Screenwriters: Emma De Swaef / Marc James Roels
    Producers: Ben Tesseur / Nidia Santiago
    Production Manager: Nidia Santiago
    Co-producers: Jean-François Le Corre /Mathieu Courtois / Arnoud Rijken / Michiel Snidjders / Christphe Mazodier
    Assistant Director: Marianne Chazelas
    Animators: Andreas de Ridder / Alice Tambellini / Steven De Beul / Emma De Swaef
    Music & Foley: Bram Meindersma
    Sound Editor: Bram Meindersma
    Director of Photography: Marc Roels
    Editor: Dieter Diependaele
    Production Designer: Jean-Marc Ogier
    Special Effects: Raphaël Thibault, Chris Mascarello
    Sound Mixer: Jeroen Nadorp
    Main Production Company: Beast Animation
    Co-Production with: Polaris Film Production & Finance / Vivement Lundi / il Luster Productions


    Vincent • 1982



    Director: Tim Burton
    Script: Tim Burton
    Voice over: Vincent Price
    Producer: Rick Heinrichs
    Original Music: Ken Hilton
    Cinematography: Victor Abdalov
    Production Design: Tim Burton
    Additional designer: Rick Heinrichs
    Sculptor: Rick Heinrichs
    Animation: Stephen Chiodo
    Technical director: Stephen Chiodo
    Production Company: Walt Disney Productions

    How to eat your apple • 2011



    Director: Erick Oh
    Sound design: David Ochs / Andrew Vernon
    Sound Recording & mixing: Andrew Vernon

    No Problem • 1992



    Director: Craig Welch
    Animation: Craig Welch
    Concept: Craig Welch
    Design: Craig Welch
    Producer: Eunice Macaulay / Marcy Page
    Executive producer: Douglas MacDonald / Barrie McLean
    Animation camera: Pierre Landry / Lynda Pelley / Jacques Avoine
    Re-recording: Jean-Pierre Joutel / Shelley Craig
    Music: Normand Roger / Denis L. Chartrand
    Production Agency: National Film Board of Canada

  • The Tempest - William Shakespeare

    Animated Tale of The Tempest written by William Shakespeare. Directed by Stanislav Sokolov for Soyuzmultfilm and BBC Wales. Executive Producers Christopher Grace and Elizabeth Babakhina. Animated Series Director and Producer Dave Edwards

    Luminaris • 2011



    Idea/ Animator / Director: Juan Pablo Zaramella
    Writer: Juan Pablo Zaramella / Gustavo Cornillón
    Director of Photography: Sergio Piñeyro
    Assistant Director: Sol Rulloni
    Pre- Production: Silvina Cornillón
    Producers: Sol Rulloni / Mario Rulloni
    Executive Production: Juan Pablo Zaramella
    Additional Animation: Mariano Bergara / Becho Lo Bianco / Lucila Las Heras / Sergio Piñeyro
    Art and Design: Juan Pablo Zaramella
    Art Assistant: Diana Rascovschi
    Constructors: Ciro Paz Osorio / Diana Rascovschi / Sebastian Hojnadel / Adrian Vasquez Cast: Gustavo Cornillón / María Alché / Luis Rial
    Composition and Digital Art: José Leon Molfino / Alejo Villarino / Roberto Connolly / Mario Rulloni / Peque Varela
    Rotoscoping: Federico Molfino
    Sound: Diego Gat / Alejo Villarino
    Sound Mix: Diego Gat / Tauro Digital
    Sound Music: “Lluvia de Estrellas” (Osmar Maderna, 1948), played by Orquesta Típica Sans Souci
    Recording and Editing: Mauro Ruda
    Production: Katia Ivandic
    Recorded at: Estudios ION
    Production Company: JPZtudio

  • @maxr - that's just beautiful

  • From Studio 4°C, hands down the most technically brilliant and artistically experimental animation studio in Japan, IMO. This is one of their more subtle works.

    "Comedy" (Kigeki):

  • @mrbill =) . I'm pretty sure the girl is same actress from ... yes it is, from Martel's The holy Girl; María Alche.
    Loved The Tempest which I didn't know, thanks

    Thank you also BurnetRhoades, wonderful between worlds lingering imaginary

    Un jour (One day) • 1997


    Director: Marie Paccou
    Writer: Marie Paccou
    Voice: Christine Gagneux
    Producer: Claude Huhardeaux
    Original Music: Matthieu Aschehoug
    Vibraphone: Matthieu Aschehoug
    Chello: Stephane Manent
    Foley: Eric Grattepain
    Mix: Emmanuel Croset
    Film Editing: Marie Paccou
    Sound: Fabrice Gérardi
    Animation: Alexis Appert / Marie Paccou
    Produced at Studios de 2001

  • Neco z Alenky, 1988

    Different version of Alice in wonderland. Caused me nightmares.

  • @tonalt love the imaginarium, spooky as hell ,-) Have to see full version. Thanks

    So into other worlds, BurnetRhoades, super!


    Planet Four • 2013



    Andy Martin

    Absolutely brilliant work; coherent, funny and a bit on the cataclysmic side
    See other 11 planets HERE - worth 15 min of your life ,-)

  • BurnetRhoades {long silence}

    Colossal work, wow... thanks

    After that I can an only "go" with manga. Hope you can forgive me :P

    Though it's a trailer - be sure to watch Full HD and really LOUD!!! - it's in itself a little film. Full version recommended =)

                            WARNING: if you've drank coffee, watch this another time


  • REDLINE is pretty insane. It's one of those titles that you can whip out to show smug friends who think they know what anime is and isn't or that everything looks the same. Show them that or Dead Leaves and then maybe some Animatrix. There are some wildly talented artists at several studios in Japan doing work that really stretches beyond conventional design in their animation culture.

  • I can't remember getting too excited after Animatrix, but Dead Leaves... ufff man, that's la crema de la crema, absolutely wild and stunning visuals... and dirty as hell, je je. You should not drop DOPE like that without warning :P     DAMN, IT FEELS GOOD TO BE VIOLENT!!!    ja ja ja


    Repete • 1995



    Director: PAVLÁTOVÁ, Michaela
    Producer: JURAKOVA, Dagmar
    Idea/Screenplay: PAVLÁTOVÁ, Michaela
    Dramaturgy: KUBIČEK, Jiři
    Camera: ZIMOVÁ, Jaroslava
    Animator: PAVLÁTOVÁ, Michaela
    Editor: VITKOVÁ, Gaia
    Designer: AXAMITOVA, Maria
    Music: CHLUMECKÝ, Jiří
    Sound: SPALJ, Ivo
    Production Company: Krátky Film Praha / Bratri v Triku

  • I can't remember getting too excited after Animatrix...

    For me it was all about Kid's Story and Beyond. Especially the later, being a lover of anything Koji Morimoto does. His studio does the best blending of traditional and computer generated animation techniques in my opinion.

    In the Summer of 1991 I was accepted into the Character Animation department of the Film/Video School of CalArts. They were especially looking for folks that were going to be interested in their CG lab, which is how I got in, but while I was there I met some of the most amazing young animators and instructors, several of whom have gone on to help re-shape the industry.

    One such fellow was Craig McCraken who was a sophomore (I think that's right). He was part of a small group of upperclassmen (there were practically no juniors or seniors in the department) who would go on to virtually take over TV animation in the US by the end of the decade. That year, this was his final film for the year:

    ...I think everyone knows what became of it after playing in Spike & Mike's festival for some time but not many people have seen where those girls came from.

    Dark Noir • 2014


    Written and Directed by Rafael Grampá
    Animation Studio: Red Knuckles
    Director of Photography: Red Knuckles
    Red Knuckles Creative Directors: Mario Ucci and Rick Thiele
    Producer: Monica Domanska
    Original story and characters created and designed by Rafael Grampá
    Lead Animator: Lucas Vigroux
    3D Animators: Giovanni Braggio, Scott Beharrell Bono, Chris Whyte, Magali Barbe, Florian Mounié and Martyn Smith
    2D Animators: Adrien Gromelle, Stephen Vuillemin, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Alice Bissonnet, Duncan Gist and Giovanni Braggio
    Technical Director: Maïckel Pasta
    Lighting TD: Patrick Krafft
    Environment Modelling: Florent Rousseau
    Mattepaintings: Manuel Dischinger, Ian McQue, One Pixel Brush

    Global Facebook Fans:
    Scene 1: Adriano Antonini
    Scene 2: David Jesus Vignolli
    Scene 3: Greg Fenwick
    Scene 4: Nina Robra
    Scene 5: Anton Kovalenko & Adri Ceesari
    Scene 6: Maria Vlad

    Creative Agency: Sid Lee Amsterdam
    Associate Creative Director: Gill Glendinning & Roger Leebody
    Account Manager: Jonah Dolan

    Production Company: Jimmy Lee Amsterdam
    Producer: Justin Townsend & Ezra Xenos

    Voice of Vincent Black: Doug Cockle
    Voice of Madaleana Proud: Ajit Sandhu recorded at Stainless Sound

    Music Company: Croacia
    Music Composer: Marcio Chavemarin

    Music Company: Wake the Town
    Sound Engineer & Music Composer: Paul Schumpter
    Music Producer: John Connon

    ‘Paper Bones’: Written and performed by Mike Ghost

    Rafael Grampá


    Omega • 2014



    a film by Eva Franz & Andreas Goralczyk

    sound design & music Lorenz Schwarz

    production assistance Anna Gates Adam Gawel

    screenplay Eva Franz

    character design Andreas Goralczyk

    additional stop motion animation
    Andreas Grindler
    Adam Gawel
    Jan Eilts
    Tibor Weissmar

    environment department coordination Doga Cigsar

    additional set and environment construction
    Elenya Bannert
    Jan Cordes
    Hannes Gerlach
    Hedi Haase
    Erika Han Xue Hanson
    Kairi Kuuskor
    Janno Nou
    Ursula Schachenhofer

    additional puppet construction
    Adam Gawel
    Andreas Grindler
    Benjamin Gillner
    Oskar Klinkhammer
    Pia Matthes
    Juan Francisco Pedraza
    Tibor Weissmar

    compositing & computer animation
    Eva Franz
    Andreas Goralczyk

    cgi rigging support
    Bassam Kurdali
    Nathan Vegdahl

    sound recording assistance
    Martin Buntz
    Corinne Schlichtung

    solo instruments
    Theo Nabicht (Contrabass Clarinet)
    Shinichi Minami (Percussion)
    Rie Watanabe (Additional Percussion)

    additional music loops Elmar Farchmin

    additional vocals
    Paula Ketteler
    Hans Leo Neu

    additional vocals recording
    Tobias Fricke
    Sonia Toepfer

  • @BurnetRhodes In my younger days I used to go to anime clubs. I always liked the unique stuff over the generic shit (oishi,sadamoto,yoshitaka amano). I stopped going as the members were increasingly loving the shit.

  • The illusion of life

  • Nice ones @Mimirsan - one more 4 the watchlist ,-) and @Vitaliy =)

    Anytime someone is feeling cosmic panic should watch this animation, just too funny!


    JohnnyExpress • 2014

    Written, directed and animated by Kyungmin Woo
    Alfred Image Works

  • @Mimirsan

    Angel's Egg is maybe, still, my favorite animated film of all time. I keep hoping one day I'll happen upon a film print screening of this one. I got to see a pristine print of X:1999 The Movie and there's just no substitute for seeing real, honest to goodness theatrical animation in a theater, projected on film.

    Yeah, it's hard to stay involved with an anime group when they're so preoccupied with stuff that's neither technically or artistically interesting. The mainstream stuff that I enjoy still has to be excellent in some way because of singular artists involved. Speaking of Mamoru Oshii's work in particular (Angel's Egg) it's not gone unnoticed that the art and budget of his more contemporary stuff, post GitS, has been on a decline.

    The proliferation of digital tools in anime production has brought about some new, interesting styles that work but it's also lead to an overall reduction in baseline craftsmanship. I don't see line quality that I enjoy anymore, for instance. I've always hated the "self-inked line" (an ironically unpopular opinion among my fellow students and teachers at CalArts) but somehow digital tools are now killing the look of clean up drawings for me. I don't really know why. I would have thought that scanning would preserve the look the same as xerox'd cels but perhaps there's a clean-up step to promote easy bucket-fill that's the culprit.

  • Jodoworsky's INCAL promo trailer

    There's an earlier trailer without voice over.

    Luc Besson "borrowed" ideas from INCAL for The Fifth Element . Nicolas Winding Refn is set to direct a version of INCAL.

    Nina Paley's Sita Sings the Blues

    Dan Harmon ( Community) and Justin Roiland's Rick and Morty

    FilmcritHulk on Rick and Morty:

    Season One ep1-11 full episodes

  • @Mimirsan wow man ... Mind Game just totally blew my mind off any axis it was left spinnig ... big thank you 4 that =)