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Aerial Showreel
  • I was waiting long time to get my camera into the air. It happened 10 mounts ago for the very first time :). I was learning to fly and improving diy solutions (vibration, gimbal etc.) This video was made from selected highlights from few hours of flights during few mounts of developing process. Phantom with GP3 on Diy gimbal was used no Fpv (yet) Few archive shots GH2 was used and GH3 timelapse. Im hoping to use this video as my showreel and firs video for my website.

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  • Lot of a nice shots here.

  • Thank you matt. After all.. from all material filmed/fly around, usable was only about 1% :) Mainly due to no preview and gimbal vibrations problems. I think now it increased to 50%.

  • I just discovered that someone download my video above and uploaded with changed soundtrack (youtube library I believe) ... Could same one explain me why people do this? What benefits or other reason they have?

  • I asked in comments why he re-upload my video and I got my answer from his other account, after youtube deleted his upload. yeah:)


    "Cillian Byrne:

    sorry, i re-uploaded this video because the music on this one is rubbish and does not suit the lovely scenery. you should put that other track over it instead.

    band: this will destroy you track: this world is our ...

    Reply Konjow Films:

    Thanks for your comment. There is no music which everyone would like.

    Reply Cillian Byrne:

    exactly, that's why i offered an alternative to yours. everyone on facebook preferred mine anyway. i'll just re-upload it with a different name"

    So hi is stilling music and video uploading together and he things hi is doing great job. Im really happy i got answer on it because I would never guess myself. I would more understand if hi will linked original sources. Other way your video with the same title, your name logo etc is playing with different no matched music. Its funny when you playing it yourself and looking what is wrong with it..

  • Sorry for offtopic, but i'm looking for a stunning footage with a presenter talking at the camera while walking in a indoor steady , and them go outside and the cam fly away (a drone supposed) , all this in the same single shoot. I believe i saw here days ago, and i can't find it. Thanks in advance.

  • Sorry @Grimor did not see this footage. There is hex a / quad topic it could be there. However I seen the similar thing in "superman gopro delivery" video (somewhere) -it was nicely done as well.

  • That's the one !! But the vídeo has been removed... Thank you Fool4