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Free Guide: Audio Repair with RX 3 - Tools, Tips, and Techniques
  • Main contents:

    • The basics of audio repair and restoration, and understanding “the tools of the trade.”
    • Using a spectrogram to identify audio problems.
    • Expanding efficiency in de-noising, including reducing broadband noise, hum and tonal noise, and dialogue de-noising.
    • Removing intermittent noises and gaps, clicks and pops, clipping, and reverb.
    • Techniques for exporting and delivering audio.
    • Tips from industry leaders, including time-saving advice and guidance through specific modules and plug-ins.


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  • You were right Vitaliy, this is a really advanced piece of pro (reliable) software. Light years ahead of things like sony spectralayers. Though it's mostly intended for audio restoration, I'm finding my way back to sound landscape love through it. Thanks for the guide

  • Light years ahead of things like Sony spectralayers.

    What do you mean under this exactly? As Spectralayers is most advanced editor made for spectral view and sound cleaning using such approach.

  • First and sometimes most important, it is just my opinion, ok? I test drived spectra layers (v 1. somethin') for mac and was not a very well thought out product, read interface usability (also speed of use) and buggy. That's everything RX3 is not. It works flawlessly, has almost same spectral capabilities (though in SL you could directly paint on the spectrogram if I'm not mistaken), it also has a smoother learn curve and nicer UI. The truth is I am much more interested in realtime loop playback of tight selected spectral regions with VST plugins integration... for "music" purposes. Anyway if lightyears is too much, let's say 213456778654324456 mm ahead :P

    PS 1 More thing for clarification; when I said "you were right Vitaliy" I meant that somewhere I had read you recommending this piece of software to someone... not that you think it's better or worse than any other. Maybe it can be interpreted that way, my bad then. So... that's it, let's keep drrrrrinking life