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Official RED EPIC-X Camera starts shipping to lucky shooters with deep pockets!
  • It's been almost two years since we first got a peek at the specs on RED's EPIC-X, and the 5K-shooting, is just now shipping out to customers. That's not terribly shocking considering the company's notoriously long development cycles and, if you ordered one, you should be too excited about getting a new toy to worry about how long it took to build. Lets just hope the first batch of folks to start capturing gorgeous footage with this thing!
    hands- on video

    Remember only $58000 bucks!
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  • yeah, nice one... but most of the cinemas, like 90% in the world can project max 2K, I just wonder... what are we going to do with all of these goodness, at the end it will not be utilised anyway. you probably going to play with a lot data and at the end cutting it back, anyway?
  • @Eugene
    Most people listen to cd quality 44.1, 16 bit, and mp3 players with quality 44.1Khz 192Mbits. Would you like to record and mix with such quality? I don't think so . Want to record a 96kHz or 48kHz 24-bit and mix in the domain 32-bit or even 64-bit.
  • @Eugene 5k through a bayer sensor = 2.5k green, 1.25k red & 1.25k blue?
  • RED is developing a 4k projector for home use. which won't solve anything since so little content is 4k. Anyway, I think 35mm film is 4k scanned at 2k so it's nothing new. I'm just amazed and impressed by how SMALL the Epic is.
  • Remember guys that digital is nothing like or comparable to film. Film gives you literally a 'new' photo sensor each frame you shoot. Also (as that Kodak guy mentioned) digital sensors don't cover the full area of the sensor anyway, more like small dots with lots of black between (the black is the actual sensor brains in CMOS).

    Also when they say 4k - they are NOT talking about pixels- they are talking about resolving 4 thousand lines horizontally.

    Not that I want to start shooting with film- its just that we aren't there yet- and frankly there are a few areas that Film isn't there yet either. With any luck Digital will soon surpass Film in a not so distant future. Maybe when we finally get those hover boards that Steven Spielberg loved so much!

    Until then- just enjoy instant preview- instant editing - and gonzo shootings styles.
    (with digital- GH2VK digital may I add!)