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SOLD: For Sale: SLR Magic 12mm t1.6 $475
  • Selling of my SLR magic 12mm lens. Decided to go another way after I switched to BM cameras. Optics are perfect. Also includes a cheap, strap on FF gear ring. Nothing fancy but it helps. Pics to follow.

    Ah, sorry guys, I'm in the US...CA.

    $475 + shipping.

    photo 1.JPG
    640 x 480 - 122K
    photo 2.JPG
    640 x 480 - 71K
    photo 3.JPG
    480 x 640 - 86K
    photo 4.JPG
    640 x 480 - 83K
    photo 5.JPG
    640 x 480 - 88K
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  • @vicharris Hi, where are you? Maybe if it's Europe could think about it

  • @vicharris

    i started browsing at the Noktor 12mm recently wondering if its a good option to use with my BMCC 2.5k. Currently my widest is a Carl Zeiss 18mm f3.5 ZF. I am considering a few options: 1. to get a metabones SB to use with my suite of Zeiss glass 2. buy this 12mm lens 3. Consider the new Samyang 12mm T cine lens.

    What have you moved on to with regard to wide angle?