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Finally A Commercial that doesn't suck.
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  • This is better:

  • My recent favourite:

  • Unfortunately commercials will always suck. The reason is simple: sellers of product will always try to oversell a product. The best way to oversell a product is to promise it will do more than what it can. The promise the advertisers always make follows this formula: buy our product, and your emotional satisfaction in life will will be inspired, excited, both existentially and sexually. The reason we as consumers constantly say commercials suck is that we instantly recognize that the product, no matter what it is (car, iphone, clothing etc.) is just a product and therefore won't give us what the advertisers claim it won't change our lives existentially/sexually. So we instantly realize they are lying and overselling their product by trying to add greatness/romantic capacity to their product. Nobody likes being lied to, so we say that commercials suck.

  • This one doesn't suck... it licks!

    Echidnas are an Australian native animal similar to a Hedgehog or Porcupine. Often referred to as a spiny anteater because they are covered in spines and use their long probing tongues to eat ants.

    Antz Pantz Underwear Commercial (1989) - "Sic 'Em Rex"

  • Actually, I think we hate commercials because traditionally they interrupted our chosen viewing experience. As a society we have classified them as a lower form of media, akin to an annoying little sibling tugging on your shirt when you're trying to get something else done. The dislike transferred to other platforms (like web and gaming), but I think you're giving people too much credit for actually being conscious of their attention and intentions. Most are not. In fact, MASSES are easily swayed with lofty and grandiose product promises. In reality, commercials (when done well) can be truly amazing. Talk about working under restrictions. As a film maker, if you can effectively and consistently get a strong emotional response in the time limit allotted to a commercial, then you are a master of your craft.

    For that reason I enjoy watching good commercials - just as long as they are out of context of their intended advertising platforms (ie: interrupting walking dead).

  • @shian

    Yeah, saw it the other day and it is a good one for sure! Doesn't make me want the car but it's still good.

  • Another - sure some safety wires have been erased, but still pretty cool.

  • This is simple but very funny IMHO and doesn't over-push the product

  • haha that briefs one is brilliant

  • This one isn't live action, but a PIXAR type animation for Chipotle by Academy Award winning Moonbot Studios. Chipotle is like a Taco Bell for hipsters (at Starbucks prices) !

    Now here's a parody version by Funny or Die

  • Lexus Drone commercial, shot in Vancouver, UBC Museum of Antropology and other locations.

    Making of Amazing in Motion:


  • may be spec, dunno

  • And here is a brutally honest look at how all this shit comes together.

  • @Shian, thanks for that, been wanting to do something similar, but this is just perfection :)

  • I remember when Truth In Advertising was starting to make the rounds... STILL FUNNY and true!

  • this one sucks, but nicely ... ENJAINE!

    the BTS is totally worth it