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AMD FX 9370 CPU 5GHZ 8 core CPU
  • This cpu dropped to $250 here in Japan a couple weeks ago, so I went for it, and also said F it and bought a swiftech 360mm liquid cooling system since it was only $200 here vs $300 in the states. The results are a very easy very stable 4.9GHZ overclock, and easy but not (YET) stable 5.3GHZ overclock. I am sure I can get somewhere close with some patience. Even at it's stock 4.4GHZ this CPU is noteworthy. It renders very quickly for me, and has made editing for me extremely fast and smooth. The CPU is notably power hungry with 220W at the higher clocks being drawn. However it does have a power mode that runs it at much lower Voltage and much slower speeds when you don't need it which actually responds extremely quick to changes in load needs. With the liquid cooling during rendering the CPU rarely goes over 44C. The new version of this CPU comes with liquid cooling for about $300 which is a good deal considering anyone buying an AMD CPU usually replaces the stock heat sink anyway. I am not an intel man so I cannot really compare with the top intel CPU's but the reviews show this CPU being only edged out by the top intel chip (singular) and even then this cpu can run ahead in multi thread operations like rendering.

    Notes. I am running this on a sabertooth 990FX revision 1 with 16GB of Memory usually clocked at 1600MHZ, but I can clock it as high as 2400MHZ and still run the CPU at 4.7GHZ with no notable issues. I am using an older 465GTX GPU, and my case is an INWIN GRONE (great case with more room than most full towers. making it a pleasure to manage hard drives and keep cables hidden).

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  • I've got an AMD FX 8350 which is even better value, as I think the AMD FX 9370 is just an overclocked AMD FX 8350.

    While AMD doesn't quite come close to matching Intel for top of the line single core performance, in terms of performance for your dollar for multi core tasks AMD does very well indeed :-D

  • @mee

    Biggest issue with AMD is software support and necessity for so many cores.

    I think good GPU with top of the line 4 core i7 can do even more in actual NLE packages.

  • @Iron Film, the price difference in Japan at time of purchase was marginal between the 8350 and 9370, so I figured what they hay. Basically with the 9370 and 9590 what you are getting (in theory) is a golden 8350 guarantee, and probably a bit more head room with overvolting (good for me because I am a tinkerer). I can't speak to the 8350 but I did some tests yesterday with underclocking and I was surprised to get a stable 4ghz on all cores at just 1.21V ! On a side note I read somewhere that the 9370 had some functionality the 8350 doesn't which is supposed to make some video editing processes quicker, but I have not been unable to find the article since.

    @Vitaliy, I am no expert on how the software utilizes the cores during all the processes, but during rendering all cores are active at between 70% and 90% load (some hit 100 at times). Just in comparison with my 1090t hex core the rendering times seem to have been greatly reduced. What once took 20 minutes is now taking 5 minutes. The bottom line for me is this chip is currently doing everything I need it to do extremely well. I had been thinking of jumping ship to intel, but for the time being AMD gave me what I needed to stay with them (for now).