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Rad Nasty Hip Hop Parody nearly complete
  • 2 weeks of shooting 6 months of editing and I am nearly ready to let go of this silliness. Thoughts, comments, suggestions all welcome.

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  • @mee Very funny. Cool video.

  • Um its sharp but looks videoish i hate the videoish look, color correction is like purplish which is so ugly, some shoots are overexposed i hate overexposed shot they hurt my soul but on the plus side your an angle god really like the angles and shots you got might steal a few of them myself lol just work more on the technical aspect of your camera like make sure your exposure right and whats going on inside the camera during the shoot, you go the angles and camera movements down quite nicely and your editing is straight but your color correction is poop idk why your video looks videoish and not filmic idk it just hurts my heart i hate the videoish look lol and I only shoot my videos in a day and edit them in a day. You had 2 weeks for a shoot and been editing for 6 months? That's extremely unnecessary, what are you gonna be working on this for the rest of your life? if this was a short film i could understand but for a music video? Leave the video alone its fine for now move on to your next one just take what mistakes you made in this video and learn from them and not make the same mistakes in your next video :)

  • Much appreciated comments Deshon. I am curious are there any shots you feel look more film like, or does it all look like video to you? I tend to shoot with very high shutter speed in the day time because I like the 3D effect it gives the Nokton lens, it does tend to be extremely sharp though which I suppose can add to a video like feel. This is my brothers video, so this is why I have dedicated so much time. I should clarify though I have had very little free time in the last 6 months, so the actual working time is much much less. If you are game I would love to see what you could pull off with a quick color correct of one or two of the shots. I plan on getting through one more color correct, and editing/replacing just a few shots in the upcoming week, and then I am done.

  • @mee What Nokton lens did you use for this? Also what hack setting did you use?

    I see what @DeShonDixon says about a video-ish look but that doesn't bother me here. Because this is a very modern and funny video about a kinda nerdy guy rapping about his TI-86 calculator, a film look here isn't necessary...perhaps it might not work. But you could try FilmConvert software. They have a free trial which you could download to test to see if it gives your video a film look you like. Can't hurt to try it.

  • @matt_gh2 hahah yeah your right i did a parody music video myself and made it look videoish on purpose cause it makes things seem funnier you can check it out here

  • @DeshonDixon

    Yeah, I saw the swapmeet video in your thread yesterday, Great video! It sucks you got booted during filming, if anything they should have paid you for free promotion ;)

    @Matt_gh2 I definitely was going for a nerdy look, but I sometimes think I have a different idea about what looks like film vs video. Perhaps it has to do with where I am and what the standard for Television is here lately. I will definitely give that software a try as soon as I have some free time though and see what the results are.

  • @mee @DeShonDixon Yeah, things are changing now in terms of what types of images audiences are used to, and are okay with. I'm noticing a variety of images types that can be commercially successful. It's all preference. As I'm into drama genre, I prefer classic film look. My theory is drama equals "important emotions" equals "importance" equals "being transported to an elevated state" equals "magical feeling"...something different and better than reality. Comedy equals truth...because it exposes lies or people's pretenses...or somehow undercuts somehow trying to puff themselves image in comedy is truthful....therefore a video/reality look works. (Swap meet video awesome. TI-86 video is just killer also. Great work guys. Getting booted during filming is just gonna happen. I'm surprised how often I'm not booted. Guess everyone's used to seeing people take cell phone video...that we just all accept video-recording going GH2 handheld still nicely looks like some tourist just taking still pictures.)