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SD Card only shows 7 of 28 clips shot
  • Was recently shooting with GH2 (with Intravenus v2 using a Sandisk 64GB 95 MB/s) and I shot 28 clips. At one point, maybe halfway thru, I got a clip that wouldnt play back to watch in camera. I'm familiar with that type of error and this type of Sandisk card. But later, after taking more shots, I went to review a shot in the camera, and it only showed 7 clips. After the required freakout, I run, grab laptop, pop in SD card and all 28 of my clips are there safe and sound. Has anyone had that happen, and know how to prevent it from happening again. (Don't know if it's related but about 2 weeks ago, our project's cinematographer was doing test shots and she thought she lost a shot or two). Thanks in advance.

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  • I´ve had such "behaviour" til now multiple times. But never had a complete data loss (so I don´t think that it´s THAT critical - The best way: Just backup & check the clips as soon as possible with your laptop. AND also tell the other users, that that´s somtimes the case.) Btw.: With my combination (GH2 + PNY Professional UHS-i cards) always a in camera format of the card was enough to solve this ^^.

  • Yeah, I'm beginning to think that problem is linked to the problem when a clip won't playback in camera. I say this because both are related to activities you use by.pressing the green arrow button, so perhaps that part of the camera's firmware/software gets messed up if you record a long clip but fail to record a short clip after it (as recommended in the FAQs on this website). Anyway I wonder if doing a camera reset would possibly help.

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev Do you think doing a reset would help? Is there any downside to doing a camera reset?

  • Clips not playing back in camera? Is that all? Geez, I always just assumed that was what we get once we use any kind of higher-Mbit/sec hack, - and the occasional no playback in camera is the price we pay for the extra IQ.

    You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs :-)

  • @goanna Yeah, a few clips not playing back is a small price to pay for the amazing image quality. But the problem I had was a bit different because I was on a film shoot and we shot 28 clips...and when we tried to playback in camera, the GH2 only showed 7 clips. So for a moment, I thought we had lost about 20 clips we taken over the last 5 hours. (When I popped SD card into laptop, all 28 clips were there, so all was okay in the end.)

  • Help!!

    I've also had this same problem once before: clips won't playback, don't show up on camera, but DO exist on SD-Card.

    Now I've shot some clips in 720p60 today ( Moon T7 hack) and it seemed the same error occured- BUT THIS TIME the clips are GONE FOR GOOD! How could this have happened? And more important (since this was just messing around today not a shoot on budget):

    How can I avoid this in the future ?

    THX for any info, tips etc..


  • @Zakk A few things: if you use search function of this website you shouod be able to find some discussions on this that may be usefel. Also read the faq's on this site because it talks of errors and how to avoid. I use Sandisk 64GB 95MB/S and if memory serves me right a few good techniques are to format your sd card IN THE CAMERA before shooting. Also if you record a long clip, record a short clip right after and also record a short clip before turning off camera.

    I think I read about some peoole talking about occasionally needing to do a different kind of formatting with their SD cards - maybe search on this.

    Most important point - if you pop SD card into Computer and it looks like a clip is lost, you can use data recovery software to maybe find the clip...or you can take it to an expert to find a clip on the card that appears to be gone. ..but MAY STILL be on card. BUT DO THIS BEFORE USING CARD AGAIN OR YOU MAY RECORD OVER THE MISSING CLIP.