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USB powered 13"+ Monitors with HDMI! GeChic On Lap Monitors $140
  • Looking here and there to see if there are any new cheap field monitors, I am always dissapointed when I see USB powered monitors, get excited, and find out they also ONLY do video through USB. After searching for a different solution to try and get a monitor stand so I could put a monitor on my lap(don't ask), I found this:

    $400 IPS, does full 1080p touchscreen, and is powered by USB with HDMI and VGA. It's currently sold out though, but the 13" model is in stock and on sale $138 with today as the last day for that price. You can find similar models on ebay for around $210. That one only goes to 720p and no IPS or touch.

    The smaller models only need 5v 1A, you could easily power them off lots of batteries out there. I'm tempted, but I'm not going to make any more major purchases until BlackFriday or after.

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  • This looks amazing! I don't need the 15inch one but the 13" 720P looks like it would be amazing for the gh2/3! Kind of skeptical to purchase from a company I've never heard of but for that price it may be worth the risk no? The only thing is creating a mount for my rig

  • Any reason why this should not work with the BMPCC? Thanks!

  • @majoraxis, it's designed for PC use, so I don't know if the BMPCC can automatically adjust it's signal for 720p or if you can manual change the output on the 13". The 1080p 15" should work.

  • It should support 25 hz at full HD. Two other cheap field monitors I own do not support 25hz and do not work with BMPCC, they do support 50hz only

  • OK - thanks - I appreciate the info and will look at the larger or similar.

  • Newegg sale price of the 13" monitor for $138 extended until 11-7.