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Cheapest MFT camera with time lapse capabilities
  • What is it? I mean built in time lapse capabilities with manual settings and electronic shutter, not using an intervalometer. I know G6 has it, what about GF series? Some Olympus model maybe? Or perhaps even some compact camera.

    I'm doing a job where I need to shoot lots of time lapses with long shutter speed and GH2's mechanical shutter is annoying.

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  • I use the 300% variable mode 1/8th shutter. Leave camera on with a 128gig card. Speed it up in post 1500% speed and it works well.

  • I use it too for some work, but I need longer shutter speeds for those light trails, you know.

  • Probably G6 is the one.

  • G6 is limited to 1" and faster shutter speeds in electronic shutter mode, for anything longer mechanical shutter mode is needed. It has a fairly durable mechanical shutter though. Also internal intervalometer on G6 is limited to 9999 images, which is part of why I prefer using burst modes (for shorter takes) and external intervalometers (for day-long shoots) instead of internal one.

  • @neokoo

    Thanks for clarifying. If there's still need for mechanical shutter I guess I won't bother. I still have a couple of good old GH1s to sacrifice - anyway they're cheaper than shutter repair these days.

  • Have you thought about using a point and shoot for the time lapses? Or is that not good enough?

    I recently got a Canon ELPH 100 for a mere fifty bucks just for time lapses and such, because CHDK (Canon Hack Development Kit) allows it to shoot raw with manual controls along with other such features like time lapses.

  • On a side note, if you get a G6 for timelapse, make sure to set white balance manually. Color goes all over the place frame to frame if you have WB set to auto.

    Cheers, Pete