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Lets make a Guinness world record
  • Just had the idea to get involved as many as possible cinematographers from the forum, so to participate & make all together 1 sole film/story. I don't know what exactly, all ideas are welcome on the table to discuss about it. Because each one of us we are placed all around this planet, & so to be able to work all togother, the theme must be something helpful/convenient/adapted to that fact (I think so). It will be a great pleasure for me doing something like this with all of you, hope that idea can touch you & work on it :) Well, that's it, I'm waiting your responses...

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  • What is the current record? 'A Day on Earth' had how many film makers submit material for that? This record might be harder to break than you think.

  • How about make short film where each frame is submitted by different guy ? :-)

  • I'm in to the project, it would be nice to every one, one shot max 1 second, because one frame @Vitaliy is not going to be nice for our brains, unless we managed to make a script and every one were assigned a number of frame and by some kind of reference map where made to establish a fluid movement, one part of the movement in that specific frame. (crazy stuff) ;-)

    It would be great to touch some humanitary theme like PEACE or LOVE, or FREEDOM, just some ideas.

    Folowing this post.

  • I'm in too :-)

  • Really, what about stop frame animation? With each frame made by different guy.

    We can use small plastic 3D printed models that will be shipped to about 10 people and they, in turn will ship it to other 10, etc

  • What about thinking in what to say with this project that can go on many hands first. I think the question is what do we all share truly than can bind us together to make a project like this and then when the question is solved we consider the technics to employ in it.

    The Guinness record is at least for me in second place really. First place is the joy of working with many people and share one objective, Amazing Idea @yiannis_zach

  • @JuMo, I found it ( & you are right, looks huge work...

    Guys, what do you think?

  • Judging by the previous ideas for a collaborative project on P-V, 10-15 people would take part, and that is not enough for a world record, I guess. It is not that there are not enough people interested for collaborative work, but it usually lacked straightforward idea and guidance. Except for maxr's project that had a concept of a game, and he was very dedicated in organizing the whole thing. But still, it can be successful if you or some group of people would start with some clear and plastic ideas, theme/s, tasks...

  • @inqb8tr P.V. its only the starting platform, for me personally I could find easily 20 to 50 people involved here in Mexico. As for clear ideas well this is a process, we will eventually get there. had made and impressive job as for concept, images and editing, real professional people. But maybe they are trying to go for this huge goal of diversity, where maybe we could go for similarity like the question made in my previous post. What is, that in spite off all the geographic cultural and sociological differences makes us alike, what are those universal values that we all share and are fond with?

    That could be a good starting point. What do you guys think???

  • I have two ideas:

    1. Stop motion approach with small fixed led lights and printed 3D plastic figures. So everyone have same thing with same setup.

    2. "Around the world in 10 minutes", can be just special restricted shots of people walking shot with same sun position and same camera orientation (using compass and GPS).

  • Nr2 sounds interesting:) put the horizon on the lower third and follow the sun around the world!

  • Yeah, I don't think any record is impossible to break, if the PV community is to attempt this one, it will just need a very creative and well designed approach. Vitaliy has kick started some pretty good ideas in terms of creative approaches. The idea of using some form of reference to tie one frame or short sequence to the next is the key, I think! Though using single frames complicates things greatly, it also makes it more accessible to more people, as a video camera is not needed, just a camera of any kind, even a smart phone can take a decent single frame. We could also maximize contributions by using green screen or keying as a prerequisite for some subject matter. Then multiple people could contribute to a single frame comp (if the goal is to truly break the record)!

  • My third idea:

    • We can make guidelines and collect as much portraits of members and their relatives as possible. After this arrange them by similarity and make morphing video.
  • Michael Jackon (is black is white) style... ;-)

    Other idea could be hugs, an endless hug chain around the world, THE BIGGEST HUG EVER everyone record himself or someone else huggin some person in the street, and that person huggin other person and so on at least 5 different hugs. We then cut all the hugs in a sequence. We only need to start and end the sequence with fast panning with subjects out of the frame. If time is a problem to brake the record, we can zoom out slowly spliting the screen until we have million micro hugs.

    LOL ;-)

  • Around the world.. something. That's cool. Hugs are boring, how bout something like putting socks on, pealing potato, writing words on paper, climbing ladders or something like that, manual repetitive action (perhaps masturbating, but maybe that's different genre :P), - cut together seamlessly in a montage sequence, each member contributes with few seconds. That would be infinitely funny. Endless ladders around the world.

  • Ok, what about a properly choreographed dance with strict(ish) framing and blocking guidelines and only one frame used per contributor. If the framing and subjects and motion match well enough, the choreographed dance would translate visually, but instead of a single person, the dancer would be a compilation of thousands of different people in thousands of different locations! That's not too tall of an order for people to capture either: a locked off shot of a person doing a dance (could even be a 1 person setup and shoot). Each contributor would shoot the whole dance, that way the best frame could be chosen.

    The whole guideline package would just need to include: a frame guide showing where the subject should stand in frame and the size they should be in said frame (maybe a reference for marks too?), wardrobe guidelines (like solid black), a ballpark height for the locked off tripod (let's say eye-level), a properly choreographed dance to learn (an instructional type dance video to teach contributors the moves), to a song that we have the rights to use and finally, a release for each contributor! Of course in the end some sorry sap has to inject all the media and edit it together too.

    Let's say we go for 29.97 fps (to squeeze the most frames in without limiting average recording capabilities), for a 3 minute music video we would have (and need) over 5000 different content contributors. I think A Day on Earth had more content submissions than that, but the record we could go for would be actual frame contributors. To get that many submissions we'll need some celebrity weight to draw attention (unless someone here is super rich and willing to pay for a marketing campaign).

    Wait, lets just call OK GO. Anybody know them? They could make this happen for reals. Shit, I should go to bed. lol

  • In the link bellow there is a map of how many people participated until now in the , as it is officially provided on their website: On their home page at the end, you can clearly see their sponsors... @Vitaliy_Kiselev ;) Personally and with all respect to them, I make clear that I don't care to "beat them" or to break any record any more, but I'm still interested on making something really amazing as a team/forum: a unique, truly inspiring idea, that can touch the majority of people. On my very personal plans, and as I really hate all this fake political/economical situation around the world, which is pretty obvious that is bringing us into the real darkness, I'd like to do something about it: to give/leave my message against all those ass**les, who are taking me as just as a piece of an absolutely nothing, who sleep & dream with the idea that will make our lives worst & worst & worst... And for those who haven't understand this yet, I think it's time to think about it. And because I don't want to be taken the forum or this thread as a whatever propaganda, I stop here. But always available on talking about it. AND STILL, give ideas guys!!! Where is your deep inspiration??? Come on people!!

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev , is it possible to make this thread visible only to forum's members?

  • @yiannis_zac nice i'm in the same boat.

    Other idea, one shot one value, we bind the values that make us strong and we become stronger. That's a nice challenge to put a value in one shot simplifying and make it truly sincere.

    Would be very strong video, towards light. ;-)

  • @yiannis_zach

    I think you want something that can't be done. I mean that you want too big thing without knowing how to make it or even handle it.

    Even if we will be making something like it, it must be simple and possible to everyone and without any politics, green shit and such.

    is it possible to make this thread visible only to forum's members?

    Quite strange request.

  • I know what you mean @Vitaliy_Kiselev, I thought about that already after I made the comment, it's not good idea cause maybe will target the forum, so I can just keep it for my personal use or why not to do it with just some friends like @leonbeas or whoever is interested, BUT, outside of here. My email address is available to anyone is interested about that, by pm...

    As about my "strange" request, made for the reason to work our common project in private, until at least the moment we will have a final/specific plan of what we will do finally...

    So, we still search or talk based on ideas have being already on the table: - I agree with Vitaliy's 2nd & 3rd, (the 1st sound quite difficult to me as a newbie, 3D etc scares me!),

    Invite others from the forum to talk about it, come on, Let's do it!

  • @yiannis_zach

    I have big trouble understanding you now.

    so I can just keep it for my personal use or why not to do it with just some friends like @leonbeas or whoever is interested, BUT, outside of here. My email address is available to anyone is interested about that, by pm...

    What this shit means?

  • I'm talking about my last suggestion with the idea based on a "political" base work that you didn't like & I agree for the reasons I explained. So, I just suggested to continue working as we started here, our "record" project, but about this "political message" work, if anyone interested to do it but out of this tread as a an other separated work not to target the forum as "anarchists" or whatever... I hope that helped you :)

  • We can make guidelines and collect as much portraits of members and their relatives as possible. After this arrange them by similarity and make morphing video.

    I like this one. Not that I disliked previous ideas, but this would make it very simple.

    24fps or 30fps?

  • Hi there again guys.

    Well at least for me this project should be a funny thing to do (AKA enjoyable). So one thing that must give power to this is, really positive thinking and good will.

    As someone said don't remember the name, if you rationalize things too much it will end up no to happen...

    So let it flow, what you guys say?

    As for the ideas it could even be free for everyone, why not just put some basic rules like start and end with fast panning, and don't last more than 3 seconds. ;-)

    The above is just to reaffirm that the problem is not how to do it but, what to do.

    I insist in VALUES, or anything related to what makes us HUMANS.

    Take care all... :-)