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Do you know any way to fix my RAW hard drive?
  • Hello, everyone. I think I need your help! Recently I have a problem with my WD external hard drive which is mysteriously displayed as “RAW”, not the previous “NTFS” on my computer. All the inner saved data also becomes inaccessible. I don’t know why. Do you know what’s going on with my drive? Is there any way for me to save my contained data and fix this RAW problem? Any idea can be appreciated! Thank you!

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    MHDD and similar advanced software.

    If HDD has significant value it is better to consult professional firm.

  • Hello! Have you resolved your “RAW drive problem” yet? If not, I think I can help!

    In fact, as I know, the RAW hard drive problems are often caused by many reasons, such as the improper operations, virus infections and even hard drive problems, etc. But, in most cases, it can be easily fixed by re-formatting.

    So, you also can try to format this RAW partition to fix its RAW problems.

    However, considering about the safety of the inner stored data, you’d better firstly try to retrieve them back off from this RAW drive with a RAW drive data recovery program in case that the formatting process makes everything worse.

    Nowadays, there are many similar hard drive data recovery programs that can help you retrieve your inaccessible data off from this RAW drive and restore your RAW file system back into previous NTFS file system latter. But not all of them can work as efficiently as you hope.

    So, if you cannot make your own decision, you can try to use some RAW drive data recovery freeware at firstly, which often work much more efficiently than some paid ones, such as PC Inspector File Recovery, TestDisk, Recuva and iCare Data Recovery Free, etc.

    Note: Do not forget to format this drive after the data recovery process and see whether the RAW problem can be completely fixed. Next time, I hope you can always remember to back up everything important.

  • Thank you for your detailed description. I really know nothing of the RAW drive problem. But, after reading your answer, I have learned a lot. So, I follow your suggestion and try your mentioned data recovery freeware that have finally restored all my wanted data back. Now, the RAW problem is also fixed by the formatting process. Thanks a lot!!!